How to Decorate Your Solid Wood Dining Table for Christmas

December 9th, 2020 Blog

Deck the Halls & Your Solid Wood Table Top This Holiday!

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s coming up on your dining room table’s time to shine. It’s under the spotlight as the place where you’ll be serving your famous turkey, stuffing, and Christmas pudding.  

Is your table ready for its busiest season of the year?

To start, having a Woodcraft solid wood dining table will put you miles ahead of the other hosts across the country. One of our handcrafted tables is a gorgeous centrepiece at any time of the year, but it truly sparkles during the holidays. It provides a stylish yet comfortable place where your loved ones can pull up a chair and enjoy a special meal together. 

While a solid wood table will always look good on its own, a few seasonable accessories will help you capture the holiday spirit. 

Today, we’ve curated a few essential table setting tips that will make your table as memorable as the menu. Although this year’s festivities may look and feel a lot different due to the pandemic, your table can still set a magical scene for your Christmas dinner.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Reds, greens, and golds are traditional Christmas colours, but don’t be afraid to branch out. Blue, silver, and purple are trendy colour combinations right now, as are farmhouse neutrals like linen and burlap. 

Whether you choose a classic look or embrace contemporary styles, stick to one theme. This gives your table a more cohesive appearance. 

Protect Your Table

Some decorative touches also serve a more practical use. Table runners, placemats, trivets, and coasters protect your solid wood table top from steaming casserole dishes and sweating wine bottles without covering it up with a tablecloth. They make festive additions to your spread, and they prevent heat marks and drink rings from damaging your furniture. 

This is a good tip to remember away from the dining table, too. Make sure you have coasters when your guests relax in the living room. Having a set of festive coasters for your solid wood coffee table makes sure the dinner’s Christmas cheer follows you as the night unfolds. 

If you don’t have a special place to unwind in your living room, considering adding a reclaimed wood coffee table to your home. Its rustic charm creates a cozy ambience in any home.

Bring the Outside In

Flowers and other greenery can make for simple yet beautiful centrepieces and festive accessories, so consider adding garland, sprigs of holly, and even miniature evergreen trees to the table. A few well-placed baubles and sparkling lights will make these natural touches pop. 

Be Creative

There’s no right or wrong way to dress your solid wood dining table for the big day. Do whatever makes you happy — whether it’s a traditional red-and-green tartan theme or a minimalist setting of neutral linens and fresh garland.

We hope our tips have helped you think of some creative ways to dress up your table for the season, but don’t worry too much. Your time around the table with the people you love is more important than any decorative choice you can make. 

Let us know how you intend to celebrate and share pictures of how you decorate your Woodcraft table! 

As another year comes and goes, the crew here at Woodcraft would like to extend our warmest wishes to our customers. Happy holidays and here’s a toast to success in the new year!