How To Find The Perfect Wood Furniture For Your New Home

September 24th, 2021 Blog


Purchasing or renting a new home is a momentous occasion. Not long after agreements have been signed and arrangements have been made, it’s time to start imagining what the space might look like once you move in. If you’ve already begun to settle into the new space, it’s easier to envision all the decorative possibilities that can unfold within its parameters.

Aesthetics can be difficult for those who aren’t well-versed in the art of interior design. Each room of a home is a potentially blank canvas, where so many colours and shapes will collide to suit your needs and make the space feel cozy. Getting to that point can be grating, though.

Try Using a Design Brief

Whether you’re going to be acting as your own designer, it’s helpful to have a specific process in mind. Think of the brief as an elaborate wish list, one that is goal oriented. It includes things that need to be prioritized in the project and ideas, as well as the budget, to go with those priorities. You also need to include a timeline on it; it’s helpful to prepare design briefs for each specific room, at separate times.

With the brief, you can carefully collect different forms of inspiration and have space to draw them all together. Only with this kind of precision will you know how to find the perfect furniture for each room.

For example, a dark wood coffee table can satisfy all your aesthetic and functional needs in the living room. It’s both elegant and sturdy enough to hold so many cups of coffee for those times when we can finally have guests over again.

You might decide to design your living room around this item. A design brief can actualize that process.

Colour Palette

To find your favorite colors, try clipping tear sheets from magazines and matching them to the walls of certain rooms. Even if you’re certain you know your favourites, it’s good evaluate how you’re feeling about them according to each room brief.

When you’ve finally made the leap to wood furniture, the next step is to decide what will go best with the ambiance of the house. As any reputable or renowned wood furniture store will tell you, the difference between dark kinds of wood and light kinds of wood is substantial.

The hues of your will impact the entire project, as that choice will dictate the centrepieces around which all your other furnishings and décor will circulate.

There are so many types of wood, each of which has their own distinct benefits and uses. doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Birch wood is usually lauded for its distinctly fine finish
  • Teak has a more polished, classier look
  • Cherry wood is renowned for its colour

It’s not hard to match wood tones when you have enough variety at your disposal and you have a plan being enacted.

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to wood and the fuzzy feelings it is able to instill. It’s both comforting and rousing, soothing and sobering. We’re as proud of the furniture we make as we were proud of the first homes we bought. Let the furniture from Woodcraft make your new home feel as unique and tasteful as you do.