How To Move Your Wood Furniture

May 20th, 2022 Blog

It’s heartbreaking to see a solid wood furniture piece get damaged as you move. Most people treasure their furniture like heirlooms. People’s preference for wood made most wooden furniture pricey due to being both beautiful and high-quality. These are not just furniture pieces but belongings that carry generation-worth of stories.

This is precisely why people take extra care of their furniture. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. When moving out, several vulnerable pieces prone to damage are your wooden tables, bed frames, and dressers. It’s either you don’t have enough space for storage or didn’t plan on how to move furniture properly.

You wouldn’t want this to happen, considering that you intend the next generations in your family to witness its utility and aesthetics. Here are several helpful tips for protecting solid wood furniture when relocating.

How To Protect Solid Wood Furniture When Moving

Protecting your solid wood furniture would require more effort in packing. However, it is worth your while when you see them in pristine condition as you unpack and welcome them into your new home. If you want to discover more about modern wood furniture, check out Woodcraft.

Meanwhile, here’s a checklist you can use as a simple guide in listing, dismantling, labelling, securing, and wrapping your furniture. This will safeguard valuable wooden pieces as you embark on a long drive with your chosen heavy furniture movers. Remember, when you take care of your wood furniture, it can last for generations.

Take Inventory

Plan your move accordingly by listing all the wood furniture you need to transport. This practice helps you make a mental plan on what items to disassemble, pack, label, and store. It also allows you to anticipate details like the sizes of doors, hallways, and staircases your furniture might need to pass and fit through.

Have the Right Tools and Equipment Ready

Packing and moving are more manageable when you have a systematic way of storing things inside the moving truck. When you have furniture pieces that you can disassemble, prepare tools to remove these parts.

When you disassemble, ensure that you have plastic resealable bags or envelopes that you can label with a permanent marker. It’s better to be meticulous at this stage than worrying about where the missing nuts, bolts, furniture legs, or washers are when you have to reassemble them.

When you have breakable furniture, it’s best to use moving blankets, paddings, linens, cloth, and other soft fabrics to protect them.

Disassemble and Label

It’s safer to transport your wooden furniture if you remove all of its finials, casters, handles, knobs, and other parts that can come loose. Put these parts in an envelope before sealing and labelling them. Never tape anything on your furniture to keep its smooth finish.

Also, it would be best to remove the legs and shelves before storing these parts inside the moving truck. Again, wrap them in soft padding before labelling.

Secure the Furniture

You can secure your fragile piece of furniture like cabinet drawers with twine. After which, ensure that there are paddings in between strings and wood. It’s also a big no-no to tape drawers and doors shut. Remove pillows and cushions before placing them in transparent plastic bags with no holes. Clean the upholstery after the move.

Wrap and Protect the Furniture

It would help if you wrapped all solid wood furniture before moving. If you’re unsure how to do this task properly, it’s best to hire a professional company handling solid wood pieces and antiques. If you’re moving out with antiques, consider insuring them first.

Consider the following protection layers:

  • Protect the surface from dust and moisture.
  • Moving blankets, linens, and cloths are the best forms of protection since they allow the wood to breathe.
  • Avoid plastic coverings, packaging tape, or bubble wrap since they might damage the wood surface.

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The entire moving process can be pretty overwhelming. Aside from moving things around, you also need to adjust to a new house and new neighbourhood. If you can’t move all your stuff by yourself, seek the help of professional movers. They can better protect wood furniture pieces and provide an appropriate storage unit or facility. You won’t have to worry about getting your furniture damaged, too.

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FAQs on How To Move Your Wood Furniture

What is the easiest way to move heavy wooden furniture?

You can use an appliance dolly or hand truck to move heavy furniture pieces around. You only need to tie your furniture pieces securely and transport them.

Should I take apart furniture when moving?

Only disassemble furniture pieces that are meant to be in pieces. Ensure that you label the parts and store bolts, nuts, and hinges in plastic containers so you won’t have difficulty reassembling them.

How do you prepare wood furniture for moving?

Aside from taking an inventory, you can also prepare wooden furniture that you’ll be transporting for a long time by treating them with furniture polish. This will prevent cracking when stored.