How to Pick the Perfect Sofa Table

November 10th, 2022 Blog

A wooden sofa table placed behind a sofa

A solid wood sofa table is usually a long rectangular table that sits behind a sofa and acts as many things: a décor piece that accentuates your living room’s style, a storage space that helps you organize your home, a display surface for framed pictures, lamps, vases, etc., and a room divider in a space with an open floor plan.

Like all handcrafted wood furniture, a sofa table incorporates classic elegance into a modern design essential. With the abundance of styles and colours to choose from, you can add a sofa table that enhances a room’s current look by seamlessly integrating it or one that provides just the right contrast.

Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect sofa table for your space.

Picking the Right Size Sofa Table

Because a sofa table is traditionally placed behind a sofa, the ideal height for a sofa table is one that sits an inch or two below the height of the sofa cushions. Tables that are higher than the sofa yet still have a long, thin, rectangular shape are historically considered consoles, which are often used alone against a wall in a hallway or entryway.

As for the length of a sofa table, ideally, when you measure your sofa, the table should cover at least half the length of the sofa but no longer than two feet shorter than the couch to leave you at least a foot of space between the end of the sofa table and the end of the sofa on either side. A sofa table should be centred with the back of the sofa.

How to Choose the Right Style for your Sofa Table

The location and purpose of your sofa table will have a significant influence on the style of sofa table you choose. For example, if you want a sofa table to join the space in front of the sofa, look at colours and types of wood that match the coffee tables, side tables, ottomans, etc., of that space. If, however, you prefer that the sofa table acts as a room separator, match its design, colour and style to the space behind the sofa.

But if you want your sofa table to stand out as an accent piece and a showcase for the items you display on its surface, the ideal sofa table is one with an elaborate design, drawers and elegant handles. If you’re placing the sofa table between your sofa and a wall, you only need to consider the top of the sofa table.

Picking a Functional Sofa Table

If you want to display heavier items like lamps or vases on your sofa table, you must consider furniture durability. This means opting for a sofa table with sturdier construction that will not only support the weight of whatever you place on it but will also remain stable over time. And if having storage space is a priority for you, the ideal sofa table will have drawers and shelves.