How to Pick the Right Wood Bed Set for Your Space

March 16th, 2022 Blog

How to Pick the Right Wood Bed Set for Your Space

It’s easy to be complacent when purchasing Canadian wooden furniture simply because you know they follow ethical tree cutting, timber harvesting, and furniture production practices. Specifically, in Ottawa, companies involved in the harvesting and producing wooden furniture observe the following principle of sustainability provided:

  • Legal harvesting
  • Abrupt regeneration of harvested timber
  • Recycle, support recovery, and reduce waste
  • Help combat climate change by actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Encourage scrutiny of forest management practices

Recently, the country grabbed the eighth spot in the list of top exporters of wooden fixtures like bedroom furniture and bedroom sets. This industry earned Ottawa and the rest of Canada a staggering $4.4 billion in annual sales.

Hence, quality and environment-friendliness are no longer issues for Canadian furniture. In this case, choosing specific home furnishings like bedroom sets or bedroom furniture is now a matter of preference.

Things to Consider Before Picking Your Next Bed Set

Facts and figures strongly suggest that consumers rely on Canadian furniture suppliers. Customers look for Canadian brands, whether they’re into online shopping or shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. These suppliers are not only supporting sustainable and ethical practices, but they also spend time honing their craft. The massive patronage of their products reflects the market’s trust. On the other hand, strict adherence to government regulations means you’re not conspiring with anyone to harm the environment purposely.

Buying a bed and matching furniture sets requires effort and patience. Yes, you can pick the popular bed frame designs that stand out aesthetically, but you might have to compromise on their quality.

High-quality beds and matching furniture sets are challenging to find. You need to check the bed size, type of bed frame, and other essential factors. If you’re shopping for wood bedroom sets in Ottawa, consider the following tips.

Who Owns the Room?

The room owner’s personality, lifestyle, and preference are crucial factors to consider when picking a new bed frame and a bed set. Who will use the room? Will it be a toddler, a teenager, or an adult?

A toddler’s bed is way different from that of an adult. You’ll need to comfortably and safely tuck your child in bed, so go for a wooden bed with safety fences that are low to the ground. Their bed should also fit the standard crib mattresses.

When styling a teenager or adult’s room, your focus should shift more to their lifestyle, personalities, and preferences. You can use these factors to look for the right colour, theme, scheme, and furniture pieces to incorporate. In this case, you can choose a canopy bed, sleigh bed, or solid wood bedroom set.

Decorating Style

You can choose between traditional and contemporary design styles. Each has different offshoots. If you’re fond of modern design, it’s best to revamp your bedroom furniture at least once every ten years. This design option constantly changes with time, with a few common elements remaining constant. If you’re looking for something sleek, modular, and clutter-free, this is the style for you.

However, if you’re aiming for a classic look, traditional style should be on top of your mind. It could mean going for finials, poster beds with curvaceous posts, floral wallpapers, and other ornamentation.

Then again, if you don’t want to limit your choices to just one of these options, you can follow a transitional mindset that strikes a balance between the contemporary and traditional.


Furniture is a significant expense. If you have a grand vision for the room you’re designing but you’re afraid you’ll break your budget, you can try buying piecemeal. Purchase what’s necessary first, then wait until you can afford the other pieces later. You can also shop for second-hand items online.

If these two options don’t appeal to you, look for cheaper furniture pieces. However, note that less expensive furniture means dealing with items with less desirable quality. This may be far from ideal, but it could work for guest and toddler rooms. You may not use the former that’s why it’s okay to invest in less expensive furniture. On the other hand, you need to replace the furniture in a toddler’s room as soon as your child grows up. In this case, buying less expensive fixtures is the most practical choice.

Quality of Bed Set

If you’re designing a primary bedroom, using only high-quality furniture is best. Note that you’ll spend most of your time here, and you’ll also be using most of the furniture. It’s great to pamper yourself with a durable bed and an extra comfortable mattress.

It would be best to have a high-quality bed and beddings to rest comfortably. It will help you recharge to regain all the energy you spent throughout the day. Hence, it’s never wrong to splurge on premium-quality beddings and bedroom furniture.

Space and Size of the Room

If you want a well-decorated room, be mindful of the room-to-furniture ratio. You have to balance the furniture sizes with the size of the room.

Be careful when visiting and buying furniture in showrooms as the pieces might appear smaller than they should be. You might also forget how these pieces will fit your own space. Add provisions for doorway clearance when you’re measuring your area. Also, consider cramped corners leading to your room. It’s frustrating to order custom-made furniture only to figure out upon delivery that it won’t fit your main door and hallways.

Your Needs

If you’re staying alone in the room, you only need to consider what you want. However, things could be challenging when you’re sharing a room with someone else. You need to consider what they need, too.

Instead of blindly shopping and grabbing any furniture you see, it’s best to prepare a list. For example, if you share the room with your partner, you might need to get a night lamp. If any or both of you are tall, consider getting a bed with king size headboard and a footboard. If you love to have a dresser, but your room is not that spacious, walk away.

Your Wants

You’ll need to factor in what you want because you’ll be occupying the room. If you sleep at least eight hours a day, this means you’ll be in your room for at least 229,961 hours in your entire lifetime. Sleeping and staying in your room won’t be a pleasant experience if you hate everything about it.

Useful Tips on How to Pick the Right Wood Bed Set for Your Space

Useful Tips on How to Pick the Right Wood Bed Set for Your Space

Having unlimited options for basic bedroom sets, bed frames, and other custom-looking bedroom furniture can be overwhelming. Instead of finding the right furniture, you might find yourself mindlessly wandering and hopping from one fixture to another.

You should know what to look for exactly when shopping for a bedroom set and best value furniture. After all, quality basic bedroom sets and frame styles will last for a long time.

If you share this predicament, don’t worry because these tips will help you refine your choices. Transform your bedroom seamlessly with these effortless tips.


You need to research before deciding to buy a bedroom set because it’s a considerable investment. It can cost you somewhere between $500 to $4,000. Several factors affect the cost, including materials used, features, quality, and brand. This means it can even go beyond the cost estimate.

Make your investment worthwhile by researching your options thoroughly. There are different types of wood used as raw material. There are also various styles. Use your lifestyle, needs, and other factors mentioned in the preceding paragraph as metrics to figure out the best bedroom set for you.

Decide on Your Style

Now that you’re sure you want a wooden bedroom set. The next thing to figure out is the style. You’d like your bed to remain pristine for a long time, right? In that case, you need to choose a set with simple and enduring quality and design.

This will make changing linens, textiles, and window covering seamless. Since the style is less likely to contradict other design elements, you won’t need to reinvest in other furniture. You might want to consider the classic American furniture style like arts and crafts, craftsman, mission, and Shaker styles. All these design types have stood the test of time.

Pick Hardwood Over Softwood

If you choose between softwood and hardwood, go for the latter. Compared to hemlock, pine, and other softwood, hardwood responds to wear and tear better. The former has many sap pockets and knots. When you’re thinking about investing in bedroom sets, go for hardwood.

You can explore oak, hard maple, black walnut, and black cherry. These are a few of the best. These are also top-quality hardwoods that timber farmers harvest ethically.

Get the Best Value for Your Money

It’s a fact that premium-quality hardwood furniture pieces are expensive. However, you’re paying for craftsmanship and quality, so it’s all worth it in the end. When choosing expensive yet premium-quality furniture, you also support sustainable harvesting and manufacturing processes.

You’re also paying for the people’s skills. Your takeaway, in this case, is bringing home a furniture piece that will last a long time.

Choose Sustainable Bed Frames

Consider the environment when choosing your bed frames. Go for companies that only work on ethically sourced.

The wood furniture you see in most store furniture has been in many places before they reach your home. The trees used to make these pieces of furniture are shipped overseas to factories, where workers process them into furniture. Once done, they sent these back to the retail stores. After that, when customers buy them, they are shipped to the buyer’s house.

These movements result in countless fossil fuels being used and released into the atmosphere. On the other hand, if you purchase from companies that value sustainability, you know they cut the release of harmful gasses into the atmosphere by leaps and bounds. Aside from that, since you purchase a piece of high-quality furniture, you keep them from being dumped into the landfill.

Be Prepared

After figuring out the essential considerations, the next thing is to visit your furniture store of choice.

Here are the things you need to bring:

  • Exact dimensions of the space where you will place the furniture
  • If you’re replacing a piece of old furniture, also take note of its actual dimensions
  • Precise entrance and bedroom door frame dimensions
  • List of things you need with your budget
  • Photos or names of the styles you prefer
  • Pictures of your samples and bedroom
  • Measuring tape (just in case)

If you take time to research and figure out what you want, picking the right furniture is easy.

Pro Tip

Accessories can help add a personality to your bedroom.

Check Woodcraft for Your Bed Set Needs!

Now that you’ve read about the tips and factors to consider when purchasing solid wood bedroom furniture, shopping for them will come easy. Whether you’re looking for ready-made or customizable bedroom sets, Woodcraft CA is the name you can trust.

They’ve have been in the furniture industry for almost 48 years. Since they launched the business, they’ve provided every Canadian home with the best standard bedroom set and other wooden furniture. They’re not like other solid wood furniture stores that only care about profit.

They treat their customers as family members; that’s why they put their customers’ interests first. Since 1974, they have never wavered in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. Whether you’re looking for customizable bedroom sets or standard bedroom sets, Woodcraft CA got your back.

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FAQs on How to Pick the Right Wood Bed Set for Your Space

Does the bed have to match the dresser?

Not necessarily. You’re free to mix and match design elements to achieve the style, motif, and vibe you’re aiming for. Matching furniture is an old practice. In that case, don’t be afraid to layer in, mix, and match different furniture pieces. This will give a fun and lively vibe to your room.

Can you mix dark wood furniture with white furniture?

Yes, you most definitely can. Here are the following five simple tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose an anchor piece, such as a piece of large wooden furniture, buffet table, or coffee table, and mix two or two contrasting wood tones around them.
  2. Choose a dominant wood tone.
  3. Soften the vibe by throwing in a rug.
  4. Aim for high contrast. When you place dark-coloured furniture, make sure that the background is lighter.
  5. Make your white walls the perfect backdrop for your dark wood furniture pieces.

Can you have too much wood furniture?

It will just be too much if the wooden furniture won’t mesh well with the room. Consider the tips in mixing dark and light-coloured furniture when designing your room.