How to Protect Your Wood from Heat Damage this Summer

June 15th, 2021 Blog

maintain wood furniture

Summertime has arrived, which means so has humidity and UV rays. Your wood furniture loves these things just as much as you do – so not much at all.

Whether you live in Toronto, Markham, Whitby or anywhere in North America, humidity and direct sunlight are things to be aware of when taking care of and placing your wood furniture.

Here at Woodcraft, we want you to have the best quality modern wood furniture in Toronto and the most up-to-date information on how to care for it. After all, learning to take care of your solid wood furniture is essential to prolonging your furniture’s longevity and durability.

Your wood furniture is one-of-a-kind, and you can help keep it in its original form with these helpful tips for the summer.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

We all love the sunlight, but your wood furniture does not. When exposed to direct sunlight, wood furniture is likely to get discolouration, fading lighter or darker. After some time in direct sunlight, your wood furniture may be a slightly different shade.

If you have wood furniture by a window, we recommend having your curtains down on clear, bright sunny days. If closing the curtains isn’t an option, consider moving the furniture to a spot of the room that gets the least amount of direct sunlight.

Furniture Cover

It is crucial to invest in good furniture covers for your wood furniture if you have a naturally lit home. When you’re not using your natural wood tables, cover the wood to avoid further damage from the sunlight.

For outdoor furniture, make sure to find a cover that is wind, rain and heat resistant. Remember, it costs less to cover your furniture than it would to refinish it.


One of the biggest enemies of wood furniture is humidity. During the humid summers, the wood will absorb the moisture, leading to potential cracks and damage to the furniture.

A dehumidifier is a great solution to reduce the moisture in your space. To avoid a humid room, place the dehumidifier anywhere that sees higher humidity levels to benefit your health and your furniture.

Window Film

All of the modern wood furniture in Toronto is up for severe heat damage, with a high humidex across the province in the summer. That is why it’s best to consider window films which are thin laminate film added on top of the glass’ interior or exterior.

If you choose to install solar films, this will protect your wood furniture from sun damage while being cost-effective. The latest solar films can block out as much as 55 percent of summer heat.

Monitor Indoor Temperature

When you have wood furniture, it’s important to make sure the temperature and humidity in your home don’t fluctuate. A digital hygrometer will measure the room’s moisture and allow you to keep an eye on the temperature and ensure a steady balance in your room.

So, while it’s great to show off your new wood dining table or coffee table, it’s important to be mindful of the location, amount of sunlight, and moisture in the room to ensure the furniture pieces will be in your family for generations.