How To Remove Scratches From Wood Furniture

August 11th, 2022 Blog

Scratches in wooden furniture can be a pain, especially if you see them in your most prized piece. They could have resulted from years of use or just a single unfortunate event. Either way, the dents, wood scratches, and other damage might be too hard to ignore.

If this happens to your wood furniture, don’t worry too much. There are ways to fix scratches and regain your furniture’s old, polished, and undamaged look. This post will enumerate some hacks and how to go about doing them.

How To Remove Scratches From Wood Furniture

The first step to removing scratches or scuff marks from wooden furniture like real wood dining tables is identifying the type of scratch. If it’s a gouge, you’ll need to sand the surface scratches until it’s smooth and even.

Once you’re done, you can apply a wood filler, such as putty, before repainting it. You can use an abrasive pad or fine sandpaper to remove a light scratch. To clean the surface after sanding, do the following:

  1. Use a dry cloth dampened with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol.
  2. Rub lightly over the wood surface until all traces of dust and debris are gone.
  3. Apply a coat of clear wood finish over the entire surface for protection against future damage.

Below are more specific, proven, and tested DIY hacks for your other home furniture, such as your wooden bedroom sets, tables, and chairs.

Option 1 – Use a Vinegar and Olive Oil Combo

Mixing vinegar with olive oil is a great way to remove scratches from wood furniture. First, you’ll need to get some white vinegar and olive oil.

Pour the white vinegar into an empty container like a bowl or cup. Add a bit of olive oil —just enough to look like an equal amount of both liquids are in the bowl. Let the mixture sit for an hour.

Get a soft cloth or rag to apply this mixture onto the scratched area of your furniture. Rub gently until all of the deep scratches are gone.

Option 2 – Use Shoe Polish

Use shoe polish to remove scratches from a wooden table or chair or even the floorboards in your home. It’s easy to apply, and you can use it on any type of wood.

Here’s how to use shoe polish to remove scratches from wood furniture:

  • Clean the surface of your piece with a clean cloth and warm water. Dry it thoroughly before starting this project.
  • Apply small amounts of shoe polish onto a soft cloth or paper towel and rub it into the scratch. Repeat until the scratch disappears completely.
  • Make sure not to get any polish on areas that aren’t damaged. Otherwise, you’ll end up making things worse instead of better.

Option 3 – Keep Your Used Tea Bags or Coffee Grounds

If you have some old tea bags or coffee grounds, you can use them to buff out scratches on wood furniture. Soak a black tea bag in a mug full of hot water. Let it sit for at least two to three minutes.

The goal here is to transfer the colour of the tea to the water. The darker the color, the better it will be to match the colour of dark wood.

Apply a little bit of the used tea bag or coffee grounds to the scratched areas and rub it gently. Wipe away any excess with a soft cloth. The oil from the coffee grounds or tea bag will help fill in the grooves caused by the scratches, making them less noticeable.

Before moving to the fourth option, read our blog about some mistakes to avoid when dealing with wooden furniture.

Option 4 – Fill Scratches With Wood Putty

If you’re dealing with minor scratches that don’t go too deep into the wood, you can fill them with wood putty. You’ll want to use a putty made for finishing touch-ups on wood furniture. You might want to use a cotton swab to avoid getting messy.

Ideally, it’s still best to use a putty knife to apply a thin layer of the wood putty to the scratched area. Then, use either a cloth or your finger to wipe away any excess. Let it dry for 15 minutes, then sand it down using 100-grit sandpaper and a hand sander.

After sanding, apply another thin layer of putty over the scratch and let it dry for 15 minutes. Once done, try buffing it again. Repeat this process until you fill in the scratch. Ensure that the putty levels with the surrounding wood surface.

Option 5 – Grab Some Crayons and Sharpies

There’s a simple solution if you’re tired of seeing scratches on your coffee table and other wood household items. Grab some wax crayons and sharpies.

Colouring over the scratch will hide it and restore the furniture to its original state. Make sure to pick the right color combinations. You want something that matches the underlying tone of your furniture as closely as possible. You can also try this trick on any other types of wood—like a table or a door—and it’ll work just as well.

If you find this helpful information, you might also want to check out WoodCraft’s blog on myths about wood furniture. This will help you deal with your home pieces better.

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FAQs on Removing Scratches on Wooden Furniture

1. How can you remove scratches using lemon juice?

You must use a gentle abrasive to remove scratches from your furniture piece. You can find abrasives in toothpaste or baking soda, but you can also use a lemon. The lemon’s acidity will help to dissolve and remove the scratch.

First, moisten the area around the scratched part with a bit of water. Then rub the lemon on the marked spot for about 10 minutes until all traces of it is gone. You may need to reapply some more lemon juice if it dries out before you’re done rubbing.

2. What can you do for more extensive wood abrasions?

For larger wood abrasions, you can use a pumice stone to smooth and sand the surface of the wood. This gets rid of any loose flakes or particles.

You can also use mineral spirits to smooth out more extensive wood abrasions and quickly remove loose particles.

3. What are simple ways to prevent scratches on wooden furniture?

There are several simple ways to protect the surface of your furniture. First, use only soft-bristled brushes or a microfibre cloth to clean your wooden items.

If you have fur babies and toddlers that may likely scratch your furniture, it’s best to use a barrier for protection.

Using an oil finish is also another method to protect your wood furniture against moisture and other elements that could damage the material. In addition, use polish or wax. This will keep the surface looking good for more extended periods than oil alone.