How To Stabilize Your Wobbly Furniture

August 24th, 2022 Blog

You’re working on controlling your home budget, but things seem to worsen. Your furniture looks like they’ve gone through the wringer — unstable, and you constantly have to mess with it to keep it steady.

You just don’t have time for this! Your furniture can’t handle the fiasco your life has become, but you have nothing left in your budget for new furniture.

Step up your game. Here are some stabilizing solutions for smooth and wobble-free furniture. Whether you buy new ones or reuse old furniture for your home improvement, this article can help you.

Ways on How To Stabilize Your Wobbly Furniture

There are many causes of wobbling tables. However, avoiding common wood furniture mistakes always starts with knowing the source before taking action. Mostly, this is due to poor construction and cheap material used.

To bridge the gap in this type of woodworking issue, here are some of the possible DIY solutions you can do.

Check Your Floor

Before you go to your hardware store or buy new furniture in IKEA, do a research source first. For example, your table’s wobbly legs might only be because you have an uneven floor. This issue needs a different approach. To check, try moving your wood furniture around.

Level the Legs

You can level the legs of your furniture by trimming the bottom portion and smoothening it with a card scraper. You may turn your table upside down for easy scraping.

Fix Loosened Hardware

If it’s only a tiny wobble, try to use a screwdriver and washers to stabilize the screws. You may also use wood glue to fill the pilot hole of the screw.

If there’s a significant wobble, you’ll need to use a drill bit and epoxy to fix the loose hardware.

Use L-Brackets to Reinforce the Joints

You can also repair wobbly legs with a much better-looking chair brace, now available on the market. It is smaller, but it can still get the job done.

If it’s table legs you’re having trouble with, L-brackets and reinforcing joints are more helpful.

Replace Furniture Legs

The quick fix to uneven table legs or the wobbly legs of a wooden chair is replacing them with new ones. However, looking for compatible furniture legs can be harder, especially if your furniture is one of a kind, such as a reclaimed wood dining set. If this is the case, it’s best to approach a trusted furniture maker to resolve the issue for you.


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Wood furniture is timeless and very versatile. Depending on the wood type and maintenance, it can last for more than one generation in the family. However, there are times when it needs a bit of help, especially if you’re beginning to have a wobbly tabletop or chair leg.

Your trusted handyman can recommend the appropriate solution to your problem. But if you think your furniture needs replacement, visit Woodcraft and check their offerings of solid wood furniture.


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FAQs on Tips for Stabilizing Your Furniture

What is the reason for my wobbling table?

The usual culprit of wobbly furniture is poor construction. An experienced woodworker knows the adjustment needed for this. Having these legs adjusted is necessary to fix wobbling due to temperature fluctuations, the amount of long-grain gluing, and the type of fasteners used.

How do I make furniture more stable on carpet?

A temporary solution to the wobble caused by carpet is adding cork, resin glides, matchbook or coaster as it solves the problem instantly. However, this can be a bit of a hassle.

How do you stabilize drawers?

An unstable  drawer problem can be trickier than a wobbling leg. Pulling it out all the way and back in usually do its job. If not, a much more complicated problem might require replacement.