Kitchen Hutches: Identifying Unique Styles of Furniture

November 18th, 2019 Blog

Kitchen Hutches: Identifying Unique Styles of Furniture


It’s easy to identify more commonly used pieces of furniture like tables, dressers, and bookshelves. The history of furniture crafting and design is long, however, and there are a good many historical designs that are less common today than they once were. The trouble with less common furniture is that, as beautiful and useful as it can often be, it can also be difficult to identify.


Consider, for example, a piece that is still frequently in use today, but less often than most of the everyday items that are found in most homes: the kitchen hutch. While less commonly used, kitchen hutches hold practical value, whether you’re trying to achieve a traditional, rustic, or even a more contemporary look in your home


What is a Kitchen Hutch?


The kitchen hutch is sometimes confused with a tallboy dresser or a cabinet. The secret to defining it properly, however, lies in its name. Because it belongs in your kitchen, the hutch contains an area where kitchenware, such as plates, can be displayed. Usually, the rest of the storage space is also used for kitchen items, but people tend to allow for variation more recently.


The Difficulty of Variations


While this description may sound simple, attempts to define furniture are always complicated when you consider the long history of furniture-making and the many variations that can be found among almost any item. Some of the different kinds of kitchen hutch that you might find today, for example, include:


  • China Cabinet
  • Buffet Hutch
  • Curio Cabinet
  • Corner Cupboard


Despite the difference in name, all of these could fall under the more general label of the kitchen hutch, given their purpose.


Current Examples


A hutch usually contains a combination of shelves, cabinets or drawers. One excellent traditional example from Woodcraft is the Homestead Buffet and Hutch, which could pair well with a solid oak table and chairs in any kitchen.


When you compare the Homestead Buffet and Hutch with our Newport Curio Cabinet, the vast range of possibility regarding variation in kitchen hutches may become more apparent. Unlike the Homestead design, which incorporates drawers and solid wood doors in its lower section, the Curio Cabinet consists mostly of two wood and glass doors used mainly for displaying dinnerware.


Custom Options


While the Curio Cabinet in our online inventory would match a round cherry dining table very well, keep in mind that any of these options can be custom ordered to suit your personal taste or match with the items that already exist in your dining area. Additionally, if you’d like some tips on ordering custom wood furniture for your home, then get in touch with us for help on all of the options available to you.


The Value of Rare Items

The fact that a piece of furniture is rare or unique certainly does not detract from its value. This is an especially important rule for those who care deeply about creating a personal and original interior décor.


Whether you’re building a collection of finely crafted solid wood furniture for your home, or you’re specifically interested in collecting more unique items, get in touch with us today to learn more about all of the styles available here at Woodcraft.