Make Redecorating Easy This Thanksgiving With Wood Furniture

September 14th, 2021 Blog


If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to redecorate your home with wood furniture, there are many upcoming opportunities that you could take advantage of. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about hosting a large dinner for your closest and not-so-close relatives.

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner is, of course, a great way to demonstrate gratitude toward those you cherish. But sometimes, it’s nice to be grateful for the material goods we can enjoy with others. Brand new, custom wood pieces from Woodcraft are more likely to make this an occasion to remember.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate your design journey.

1. Make Your Living Room a Space for Everyone

A fresh coat of paint can radically alter the look of your living room. By giving up prototypical beige neutrals for saturated hues, you’ll give off a distinctly fresh and clean look to the space. You should also leave behind plain white and add a hint of gray or baby blue. Soft and/or warm colours are very relaxing, while undertones that are crisp and cool can make any space feel more open and brighter than it actually is.

Moreover, the right wood coffee table can easily turn any living room into a classy and sacred gathering space, one in which human connection can be made over delightful conversation.

2. Turn Your Bedroom into a Blissful Getaway

Comfort matters, especially in the bedroom. Wood always goes well in the bedroom, and if you’re not keen on your nightstand or side tables, you may consider trading yours in for some nice rustic oak pieces.

Beyond the furnishing, décor can make a huge impact. A new comforter, for instance, can change the entire feel of the room. If you select a dramatic colour or memorable pattern, it’ll be a transportive experience. Accessories like a gold or platinum tray, some fine art, or a beaded throw pillow will make the room feel quite special.

Dark colors on walls work quite nicely in bedrooms, as it cultivates a dreamy atmosphere that’ll help you fall asleep.

3. Make Your Dining Area a Space for Socializing

A large reclaimed wood dining table may be the perfect conversation starter, but it’s also the best way to keep the conversation going, insofar as your family feels comfortable sitting around the table.

But there are more ways to make the space feel more open and breathable.

There are so many ways to make your dining room feel new again. Stylistically, there are several approaches, including:

  • Formal: This type of room has elegant furniture that typically is an all-matching set. It usually includes a rectangular table, but you will see a round or oval table too. They often are more elaborate in design with curves and inlays.
  • Traditional: The traditional family style has a more intimate setting by using a smaller table, one that is often round, to encourage conversation and conviviality. You’ll see both dark and light-colored kinds of wood in this type of dining room.
  • Farmhouse: You probably didn’t know the name for this type of dining room but have nevertheless eaten in one many times over. It’s the kind which uses a bench along one side of the family table rather than individual chairs.

In short, it’s easy to add style and practicality to your small living space so long as you choose wisely from the many options that are out there, waiting for you.

Once your home is ready for the big gathering, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax on your beautiful custom wood furniture. Now that family is about to arrive, it’s time to mute your phone and enjoy the company of others. Unless, of course, you still must do the grocery shopping.