Matching Wood Tones through Your Home

March 9th, 2020 Blog

Matching Wood Tones through Your Home

There’s nothing like the feeling of entering a room and being struck by satisfying design choices. In moments like these, we all wish that we had the talent to make a home stand out with the personality of the owner and remain welcoming to others as well.

While there are many aspects of interior decorating that can help contribute to a sense of wholeness and symmetry in a home, one of the most important factors is your furniture.


Solid Wood Furniture Options


When you’re picking out a new piece of furniture – such as a reclaimed wood kitchen table or coffee table – you’ll find that there are so many factors that can impact your decision. When you’re ordering custom built items, it’s usually a good idea to start with the practical side of function and design because it’s easier to pick out the tones of wood species and stain after you know what kind of item you want.


Unique Colours and Textures


That said, there are times when you’re entire decision may be based on colour and look. If your home already contains solid wood features, then you may want to try to find modern ways to decorate your space that will create a larger pattern within your home.

When you order custom furniture from Woodcraft, you get the option of choosing the strain of wood and the kind of stain that you desire with most items that are available. You can even have the choice of adding unique texturing to your item to make it all the more original.


The Difficulty of Matching Stain


While a wide variety of choices are always available to you when you buy handcrafted furniture from Woodcraft while decorating your home, finding the right combination to match your current home décor can be more of a challenge than it might seem at first glance.

The main problem with matching a stain that already exists to another is that every colour that results from staining wood is a result of that unique combination. This means that almost every single stain that occurs is unique.

And while two different pieces of furniture may appear to have a very similar colour, it is almost impossible to make a perfect match on demand. Sadly, this is why there are very few homes that possess wood items that all appear to be the same colour.


The Beauty of Chance


On a positive side, the fact that no two stains are alike results in original colour combinations with almost every new furniture set. Most people value this individuality and celebrate the fact that most items made of wood seem to go very well together in any room – but perhaps the reason for this is that solid wood furniture always works well in any setting.

If it is important to you to find wood furniture that matches throughout your entire home, then you can either buy everything at once or pick out items that have already been crafted and ready. Of course, we are always eager to accommodate whenever possible so the best place to start is to contact us to discuss your options.