New Custom Furniture to Suit Items You Already Own

December 7th, 2018 Blog

new custom furniture

There are those who care so deeply about the quality of their furniture that they’ll spend years searching out a single piece at a time in view of that ideal living space somewhere in the future. Others would rather simply pay a large sum of money up front to have a well-known manufacturer fill their house all at once with identical looking items.

For those of us who identify with the first type, slowly hand-picking custom-made furnishing one-at-a-time just seems to provide more overall personal satisfaction with the resulting home décor. The reasons for this are many. For one, furniture sets made to accommodate an entire house with the same style, while sometimes of very fine quality, usually don’t really compare to the quality or originality of custom-made home furnishings.

For example, we carry lots of dining room tables – like the Bergen Glass Dining Table or the Austin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table – that are designed to incorporate a number of materials to reflect the influence of more than one era’s design themes. That’s due to contemporary designer choices that you just don’t get in mass-produced sets, no matter how fine their quality.
custom furniture

Another reason people might buy each piece of furniture in their home separately is that they want to wait to get the absolute best quality they can afford. After all, spending less on a number of different purchases is easier on the monthly budget, and ends up increasing the overall value of your long-term investment.

Buying a whole dining room and living room set to match an identical style might initially seem to make economic sense despite the large price tag that comes all at once. In the long run, however, it’s easier to buy a one of a kind reclaimed wood coffee table now, and then find sideboards and bookcases to match later on.

A different reason that people buy each piece of furniture separately is for creativity’s sake. When all of the furniture in your house is from a single set, there’s really no room for your individual personality to shine through – and in that case, what’s the point of interior decorating?

When each piece of furniture you own is hand-picked at your source for dining tables in Toronto to meet your exact personality and your interior design plan, you’ll get to decide exactly how it fits the pre-existing style of each room and the house as a whole. At that point, the interior of your house will suddenly start looking remarkably more interesting.

And that’s the real (yet endless) objective in the back of the minds of those of us who acquire fine pieces of furniture one by one; that’s what separates a true furniture and home design aficionados from those who regard buying furniture as a chore that must be accomplished so it is over and done with, once and for all.

You might buy various pieces of furniture at different times for many reasons, but the outcome is always the same: the need to determine whether a new item that looks great on its own will fit into your pre-existing home décor. While it may be difficult to match various types of furniture – especially when they’re not sitting side-by-side for comparison – for some, this problem provides an exciting design challenge.