New Wood Furniture Trends to Look Out for in 2022

January 31st, 2022 Blog

New Wood Furniture Trends to Look Out for in 2022

It’s that time of year again when everyone lists their resolutions and thinks about making changes in their homes. For many, the new year is the perfect opportunity to update their interiors and invest in new pieces of furniture. It’s their unique way to begin the year right and get some inner peace.

As another year unfolds, new designs and trends emerge in every home and office space. But there are also pieces like wooden furniture that never goes out of style. Whether the trend is classic, rustic, Scandinavian or modern, wooden furniture can always fit perfectly into any room in the house.

But how can you spruce up your home with such a timeless and versatile piece of furniture? Here we have a list of new wood furniture trends to look out for this year.

Overview of Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture is any product made of wood, such as cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, sofas and other room furnishings. This piece of furniture can work with any interior design and room decor. Whether you’re going for a modern or classic look, you can never go wrong with wood furniture.

But while it’s the champion of versatility, the appearance of natural wood furniture can differ depending on the wood type and wood finish. We’ll discuss them shortly below to give you an idea of which will suit best with your interior walls.

Types of Wood

Wood for furniture comes in different types. But we’ve put together the five best wood types below, along with their common characteristics and uses.

  • Maple: It’s one of the favourite hardwood choices for heavy-use items. Because of its durability, maple bedroom furniture, dresser, kitchen cabinet or other living room furniture last and look great for years.
  • Walnut: It’s solid and durable hardwood. But because it can take intricate carving, walnut is a top pick for ornate furniture that requires a lot of detail. Its colour ranges from pale to dark brown, making it an excellent choice for a dark work coffee table, headboard or dining table.
  • Oak: It’s a type of wood prized for its durability and distinctive look. Oak is often used for flooring and kitchen furniture with its visible wavy grain and various colours.
  • Pine: It’s a lightweight wood that is low-cost and easy to paint. Pine comes in light shades that develop an attractive and rustic appearance over time. That’s why it’s commonly used in rustic furniture and interior design, like wood farmhouse-style tables.
  • Cherry: It’s a smooth-grained and reddish-brown hardwood often used for residential furniture. The colour of the cherry changes over time and becomes more beautiful and distinct.

Types of Wood Finishes

Wood finishes give the furniture a radiant or matte appearance. It also protects the wood from contamination. Various types of finishes are used on wood materials, but here are the three most natural wood finishes.

  • Varnish: Available in glossy, matte or satin finishes, varnish offers a clear coating and robust protection to wood surfaces. Since it doesn’t cover grains, it enhances the natural look of the wood.
  • Wax: Available in a range of wood tones and even white, wax finish delivers an extra ration of shine to solid wood and antique furniture. But because wax doesn’t penetrate wood, it provides minimal protection.
  • Oil: Available in warm and translucent tones, the oil finish accentuates the wood’s grain and natural colour. It increases durability when layered but doesn’t provide much protection.

Benefits of Wood Furniture

If you wonder whether wood is the right piece of furniture for your home, let’s look at the potential benefits it provides from old age through the present time.


Choosing natural wood furniture provides incredible value for your money. Since wood is the most durable material out there, you can be confident that furniture crafted from wood can last generations.


A natural wood furniture can look good and fit any home design aesthetics. It’s easy to mix and match, whether you’re trying to complete a traditional, modern, rustic or eclectic theme.

Easy Maintenance

Wooden furniture can last an average of 10 to 15 years before it begins to show signs of ageing. The good news is wood tones are easy to maintain. You can keep its rich appearance despite constant and heavy use.

Wood Furniture Trends in 2022

Now that you know how choosing wood for furniture can be beneficial, let’s look at the new wood furniture trend you should look out for in 2022.

Vibrant and Calm Tones

Wood furniture is undoubtedly timeless. But this year, pick vibrant and calm tones when decorating your home with natural wood furniture. It will give more balance and freshness to your interiors.

A Farrow & Ball Colour expert identifies the following top tranquil shades:

  • Babouche
  • School House White
  • Breakfast Home Green
  • Stone Blue
  • Incarnadine

Multi-Functional Features

Multi-functional features have been popular interior design trends over the years and they will remain present this year. A piece of multi-functional wooden furniture would be a great option, especially if you have limited space. You can now find a complete set of furniture that you can transform into various designs. It can be shelving units, pull-out drawer tables, sliding worktops or folding chairs.

Sustainability Mindset

Sustainability is still one of the international trends this year. Since wooden furniture is a timeless piece that lasts over time, it’s a perfect addition to your interiors. But when selecting wood for your furniture, make sure to choose something with non-toxic and environmentally-friendly finishes.

Nature-Inspired Setting

Strengthening connection with nature becomes increasingly essential these days. It’s no wonder earthy elements like wood are an excellent item for your interior walls this year. Brass and gold shades, natural fibres and indoor plants can add naturalness to your wood furniture.

Eclectic Style

Natural wood furniture pairs well with anything. But to nail an eclectic look, you can complement wood furniture with a modern application of colour on your interiors. You can also use layered textiles, geometric or abstract wall art, and decorative accents like mirrors, sconces and mantel busts.

Did you know that wood can transform the mood of a room or entire house and looks good in any design? Whatever your style, it can be built in wood.

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FAQs on New Wood Furniture Trends to Look Out for in 2022

What furniture material is in style for 2022?

Natural materials like wood are trending for 2022. It doesn’t only provide sustainability to a living space but also a unique and handmade personality.

Is wood furniture sustainable?

Because of its low carbon footprint, wood is the most environmentally-friendly raw material used for furniture. The energy needed to produce wood products is much less than those crafted from other materials.

Which type of wood is best for furniture?

The best type of wood for your furniture depends on your budget and how you will use it. But maple wood can be the ideal choice for furniture due to its strength, appearance, and affordability.