Not Ready To Leave The Cottage Just Yet? Bring It Home With You

August 18th, 2018 Blog, General

For many, summer is the absolute best time of the year for one reason: hitting the cottage. Beers by the lakeside, naps in the hammock, steak and veggies on the BBQ – nothing beats it! And there’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as seeing it all come to an end. But just because you’ve got to pack up the cooler, take out the empties, and hit the road does not mean you have to leave it all behind. There is a certain something special about the ambience up there, something people find innately relaxing. Wooden furniture is a big part of that.

More than just the lack of work and Epicurean attitude toward food and wine makes the cottage so special. Don’t you feel yourself just unwind in that cottage atmosphere? There’s nothing supernatural about it! Studies show that wooden furniture can physiologically help people to relax. As this summer winds down, consider taking some of that cottage “magic” home with you!

Dinners at the cottage have a certain je ne sais quoi to them, don’t they? Dad (or the designated BBQ-er) grills up a big dinner and chugs a beer while the kids (or, let’s face it, often the adults) run around screaming. Then everyone sits down with a view of the water and eats communally. No one flicks on the TV or excuses themselves early. Consider getting a custom-made wooden table for your dining room as a way of replicating that atmosphere. At Woodcraft, we carry lots of dining room tables that would fit right in at the cottage.

Going back to the 9-5 grind? We have many beautiful hardwood office furniture options. Consider an austere Tranquil Executive desk to recreate the feeling of looking out over the lake at mid-day. Or perhaps someone is going back to school. Our Country Student desk will help soothe that rambunctious student in the family by bringing to mind the tranquility of cottage living. Wood furniture soothes and inspires productivity like nothing else.

And how about that de-compressing, lakeside morning coffee? While Woodcraft (regrettably) can’t bring the lake into your home, we do have a number of wooden coffee tables that would fit right in amongst the trees around Lake Ontario. A one of a kind reclaimed wood coffee table might be just the thing to bring a little slice of the cottage into the hustle and bustle of your big city life. Kick back and watch the sunrise over your neighbourhood.

That’s not all. We have tons of bedframes and dressers so cozy you’ll wake up thinking it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump down to the dock. Our bedroom sets are perfect for kids and adults. Bookcases, entertainment units, cabinets… Woodcraft is your source for dining tables in Toronto – and any other furniture you can think of! You name it and we’ve got the right furniture to make you feel like you never left cottage country.

All our furniture is custom-built on order. Simply pick the piece (or pieces) of furniture that you want, select your wood, and choose a stain/finish. Then Woodcraft will ship it right to your door. So don’t feel like summer is over just because, well… summer is over. You deserve to relax, cottage-style, all year ‘round!