Our Custom Staining Process

October 27th, 2022 Blog

Every piece of furniture made by Woodcraft is tailored to each customer’s needs. We can finish to-order using a variety of conventional stain colours at no additional cost. Still, for a modest surcharge, we’ll be pleased to go the extra mile to colour match an existing piece of furniture or provide a custom staining or painting furniture textured finish.

The Woodcraft workshop has no restrictions on what we can create. We have built numerous distinctive pieces, from thirty-foot boardroom tables to little children’s furniture from scratch. Bring in a drawing if you have an idea, and we’ll see what we can achieve.

The following is a little more information on the custom furniture staining process.

What is Wood Staining?

Wood stain is a semi-transparent layer that permeates the wood furniture to add colour while preserving the wood’s natural characteristics, such as colour and grain patterns.

A solvent is used to soak pigment into the wood fibres during the staining process, after which the pigment sets and binds to the wood. While stain provides some UV protection, since it infuses the colour into the wood rather than adding a coating of colour on top of it, it is mostly used for ornamental purposes.

Stain is available in many different colours, including non-wood hues, although the most common options are frequently found in wood hues like Oak, Mahogany, and Teak. This keeps the wood’s natural appearance intact while increasing its natural attractiveness.

It is advised to use a durable clear topcoat in combination with a wood stain, such as varnish if extra durability is required to achieve the best results.

Two Great Advantages of Stained Wood

There are numerous advantages of choosing to apply stain to your wood furnishings, two of the most prominent being:

  • Stained wood accentuates the natural colour and texture of the wood. It’s not surprising that wood stains are chosen to help showcase the texture and colour since many people choose solid wood dining tables owing to the inherent beauty of solid wood.
  • The colour options are numerous. There are many alternatives to pick from, whether you want a clear stain that highlights the natural beauty of the wood or a coloured stain so that your table will complement other furniture in your home.

Staining at WoodCraft

No stain will ever turn out the same way every single time since the final result depends on how the stain and that specific wood interact. But because of this, knowing more about how stains function will help you make sure that the bespoke furniture you order is made correctly.

You can either incorporate a range of wood finishes into your interior design when adding new furniture, or you can try to match the colour of the wood in your house. The second of these two possibilities is significantly more challenging because choosing a stain and wood combination before seeing the result is highly challenging.

The most crucial aspect of customizing handmade solid wood furnishings is that you end up with pieces you will appreciate for years to come. Before you order your furniture from Woodcraft, contact us to learn more about your wood and stain options.