Perfect Solid Wood Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

May 31st, 2020 Blog

Perfect Solid Wood Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

As an adult, it doesn’t get easier to find the perfect gift to give to your dad on father’s day. If you’ve made a few blunders in the past, then the time has come to plan ahead and get your dad something that will knock his socks off: a new piece of solid wood furniture.

Give Solid Wood Furniture

A new piece of furniture really makes the perfect option because every family has at least item in their home that could really ought to be replaced with a higher quality version. Choosing a gift from Woodcraft will give you an option that is so generous and thoughtful that it will also provide you with a lot of credit regarding gifts for years to come.

How to Choose

As in the case of any gift, there is no standard way to make the decision. The best motivating factor is that it seems to somehow suit the personality of the person that will end up getting it – in this case, you’re father.

It also doesn’t hurt to pick out a gift that you think looks so stylish, useful and attractive that anyone on earth would appreciate it. And that’s what makes designer solid wood furniture so perfect. To get started, take a look at a few options available in our online inventory to see if you find something that will best suit your dad.

Dining Room Table

If your parents don’t already own a stunning solid wood dining table, this father’s day would make an excellent opportunity to finally give them the table that they’ve deserved their entire lives. Both of your parents will appreciate being able to host the whole extended family at a table that is built large enough to accommodate everyone with style.

When you’re deciding on wood dining room tables to buy as a gift, you can always opt for a classic traditional model that is already well-loved by many. Either our Pottery Table or our 40th Anniversary Table would make excellent options.

Coffee Tables

Unlike many other pieces of furniture, a coffee table is an item that gets a lot of daily use and yet is often overlooked as a statement piece. That usually makes a new handcrafted coffee table an excellent choice for a gift. Other options you might consider include bookshelves, sofa tables, or even a new bedroom set.

Proper Care for Solid Wood Furniture

Any time that you offer someone a gift of solid wood furniture, you should always ensure that they are aware of the basic care that it takes to keep that item in fine condition. Luckily, it is actually fairly easy to go about protecting your solid wood at home, you just need to follow this easy advice:

  • Keep solid wood finish away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid extremes in humidity and temperature
  • Do not leave standing water exposed on solid wood

As long as you follow these basic rules for furniture care at all times, your new item could last a lifetime or longer.

There’s no gift that’s as caring and thoughtful as one that your dad will be proud to use every day. This father’s day, give your dad a new piece of solid wood furniture.