Reclaimed Wood Furniture is Perfect for Any Room

September 9th, 2020 Blog

Reclaimed Wood Furniture is Perfect for Any Room

Those looking for a trendy, eco-friendly addition to their home should look no further than reclaimed wood furniture.

Otherwise known as sustainable or repurposed furniture, reclaimed wood furniture breathes new life into old lumber, thereby keeping it out of the landfill while saving new trees from being harvested.

Old wood furniture tends to come from a bygone era when craftspeople harvested from mature trees, a practice that has since been heavily regulated to protect the world’s oldest forests. Often centuries old, it’s had time to grow into harder, more durable wood than new trees.

But perhaps the biggest appeal to old wood furniture is its unique charm. The wood’s natural patterns have developed over centuries, and, in doing so, have created a stunning visual effect.

Here at Woodcraft, we use this to our advantage to handcraft reclaimed wood furniture pieces for every room.

Bring a Focal Point to Your Living Room

A coffee table is many things. It’s where you put up your feet after a long day at work as you unwind in front of the TV. It’s a place where friends and family gather around as you share drinks, snacks, and good conversation. Sometimes, it substitutes as a dining table or a playmat for your children.

When a coffee table features so heavily in your life, why waste it on bad design and poor construction? Make a solid statement with a reclaimed wood coffee table.

Here at Woodcraft, we two reclaimed wood coffee tables available.

  • Mercer: The Mercer Coffee table is rural-chic, offering a round reclaimed wood table top on your choice of metal, polished steel, or chrome base.
  • Adelaide: As one of our newest additions to the reclaimed wood furniture line, we’re excited to show off the Adelaide Coffee table. Its reclaimed wood table top shines as the true star on top of a geometric base of metal, steel, or chrome.

Your Bedroom’s Transformation with Raw Wood Furniture

Bring a reclaimed Elm King Bed to your bedroom to create a sophisticated piece that adds a sense of whimsy to any style. The solid wood side rails and footboard overhang its natural inset construction, making it look as though it floats above the floor.

Although originally created for a couple in the 20s wanting to renovate their downtown loft, our Elm King Bed does what reclaimed wood furniture does best; it fits any space perfectly. Whether “home” is an apartment, side split, or farmhouse, you can customize this beautiful wood bed using your choice of stains and finishes.

Bring People Together Around a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The dining table is the centrepiece of any meal — whether it’s a quick bite to eat or a big Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure yours is sparks conversation between your guests by choosing the Jackson reclaimed wood dining table. It’s one of our most popular designs combining reclaimed solid wood and polished steel in a one-of-a-kind showstopper.

When it’s not breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can also moonlight as a remote workstation. Its spacious construction provides a comfortable place to work, giving you ample room to spread out documents, notes, and the tech you need to get the job done.

Each reclaimed wood furniture is purely one-of-a-kind, never duplicated and impossible to recreate. That’s the nature of old wood furniture; it offers unique wood grain with patterns you can’t find anywhere else. You can customize these pieces even further by choosing between Maple, Wormy Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Pine in a variety of finishes and stains.

Get in touch to see how we can tailor the perfect reclaimed wood furniture for your space.