Reclaimed Wood Works in a Variety of Styles

December 18th, 2019 Blog

Reclaimed Wood Works in a Variety of Styles

The trend towards using reclaimed wood in contemporary custom designed furniture started only a handful of years ago and it has not slowed down since. It isn’t difficult to see why. All it takes are a look at some of the stunning designs available here at Woodcraft for anyone to imagine how a gorgeous new statement piece would help enhance their home décor.


While many people are overwhelmed by the beauty of a table or bed made of reclaimed wood when they first experience a custom-made piece, it isn’t uncommon for those same people to assume that it will only work in a select few traditional designs.


In fact, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Time and again, we find that if there’s one strict rule that can be applied to hardwood furniture, it’s that it can match with just about and interior design. Perhaps that’s why reclaimed wood is as versatile and popular as it seems to be. Or maybe it’s just that people are impressed by the wide selection of styles they find when they order our wooden furniture online for home delivery.


Modern Design with a Traditional Table Top


If you’re looking for a blend of old and new in your home, then one of the best tables you can find is the Austin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table. This option offers an eclectic steel base with a more traditional-looking tabletop made from Canadian sourced reclaimed wood. While the rectangular shape of the tabletop looks traditional from afar, up close the clear epoxy coating give it a subtle finish that matches well with the modern look of its base.


Rustic and Practical


To provide an example of a table that looks very different than the Austin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, try the Mercer Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table. If you’re looking for a reclaimed wood table top that’s perfectly suited to a smaller dining area, especially for a beautifully designed condo in an urban setting, then this is the table for you. Rather than a long rectangular table top, this design transforms beautifully rustic reclaimed wood into a rounded shape.


Custom Made Designs


While there are many stylish examples of reclaimed wood furniture available in our inventory here at Woodcraft, the choices that we have on display online are far from the end of your options. When you’re investing in a handcrafted piece of solid wood furniture, you know it will be built to last, so you want to make sure you get something that you’ll still love many years from now.


That’s why so many people opt for custom choices for their orders. You can call us for more information about getting custom reclaimed wood furniture made to the particular specifications that you’re looking for to best suit your current home décor ideas.


The best part about reclaimed wood is probably just how stunning a single item looks as a statement piece in your home. That’s not the only benefit, however, especially given that reclaimed wood is an environmentally friendly choice. Get in contact with our expert designers here at Woodcraft to learn more about the options available to you in reclaimed wood furniture.