Why Redecorate With Custom Wood Furniture

July 31st, 2017 Blog

There are plenty of reasons solid wood furniture has remained popular throughout the centuries, even while cheaper alternatives flood the market. It has a unique, natural look that can’t be replicated, no matter how hard mass-manufactured furniture companies try. It’s easy to maintain – something like a wood dining table usually needs little more than a damp cloth once it’s finished drying out. Furniture made out of wood like pine can also be used outdoors, as pine in particular is resistant to changes in temperature and wood rot. It’s resilient, lasting longer than cheaply made substitutes. Woodcraft master woodworkers craft each piece by hand, and they last for decades.


You can tell a great deal about the quality of a piece furniture by looking at two things: the composition and the construction. We use several different types of wood to build all of our pieces, including cherry, oak, pine, maple, and wormy maple, but we always use solid wood. Something like a solid wood dining table should be difficult to scratch or dent, whereas pressed wood or particle board will be much easier to dent and scratch. Construction is another key element to consider, namely, the joints, as this is what keeps a wood dining table or any piece of furniture standing. Staples and nails are flimsy and you will soon see the furniture wobbling and falling apart, while dovetail or mortise-and-tenon joints are the best for durability. Dowels and screws fall somewhere in the middle, and while glue can hold up, if the glue’s visible, it’s a sign of poor work.

Our master woodworkers are committed to building superior pieces of furniture, which is why we build them made-to-order. You get to choose everything about the piece, from its dimensions and material selection to the stain. We can even accommodate odd angles or cuts to uniquely fit your home, such as a supporting pillar in the middle of a room.

If one brand new piece of custom wood furniture isn’t enough, consider redoing your entire home with solid wood furniture from Woodcraft. There’s never been a better time to redecorate your entire home, thanks to the Woodcraft summer sale. Our latest promotion gives big discounts when you buy more:

  • 10% off purchases up to $1,999
  • 20% off purchase from $2,000 to $4,999
  • 25% off purchases rom $5,000 to $9,999
  • and 30% off all purchases over $10,000

With incentives like that, we hope you consider refurnishing your entire home this summer. Matching wood furniture throughout your home will create a unity that you won’t be able to recreate with just individual pieces. In addition to classics like wood dining tables and chairs, we also make wooden bedroom furniture, office desks, bookcases, entertainment units, sofas, wall units, cabinets, buffet hutches, and more. Wood furniture won’t fall apart on you, it’s an investment in a beautiful home that will save you money replacing and repairing furniture down the line. Refurnish your home with nothing but quality.