Return to Quality Furniture with Handcrafted Solid Wood

June 10th, 2019 Blog

Why Quality Solid Wood Furniture is So Popular

The latest generation of consumers has returned to a realization of the value of quality products. For those who currently enjoy the trend towards quality, handcrafted solid wood furniture is among the most prized of items.

That’s because it’s easy to see the quality of solid wood furniture – especially when you check out our current promotions at Woodcraft. Here are a few reasons why quality-made products are rapidly displacing their cheaply-made counterparts in the world of furniture.

1)    You Get What You Pay For

The return to quality products that are meant to last is only a recently revitalized trend. For decades, shoppers have been misled to focus primarily on low price tags at the sacrifice of lasting value. The result is items that are made from mediocre materials, meant to be disposable, and designed to keep shoppers returning to the same store time and again to purchase the same item.

When you invest in a product that was actually designed for the purpose of lasting for generations, the long-term value outranks any short-term gain. Over a lifetime, poorly made furniture can cost many times the expense of one well-made item simply because it must be purchased again and again. When your furniture is made out of durable solid wood, not only will you get long-term savings, but you’ll get to enjoy the stunning beauty of handcrafted wood as well.

2)    A Timeless Quality

When your furniture is made to last a lifetime, you want to know that you’ll still be happy with it after temporary fads have come and gone. Solid wood furniture has been popular for hundreds of years because it is timeless. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or more contemporary style to add to your home, you can rest assured that your item will continue to attract attention throughout its lifespan.

3)    Custom Ordering

When you buy handcrafted furniture, you can custom order your item so that it is unlike any other product in the world. You can also decide to mix materials so that you end up with a wooden table made of golden oak and cherry wood with a metal base or perhaps a live edge table with an epoxy finish.

The sky’s the limit when you personalize your furniture with your own choices, so call us to learn more about custom ordering your own handcrafted solid wood item. With mass-produced goods, the interior of your home ends up looking the exact same as everyone else. When you choose fine handcrafted solid wood furniture, you get to live in a home that reflects the people who live in it.

The most important reason why quality furniture like handcrafted solid wood designs are becoming trendy again is because they never really go out of fashion. When something has worked and has been tried and tested over hundreds of years, you know that it will always see a new wave of popularity as each new generation discovers what makes it so wonderful. Why not discover for yourself by starting with a new coffee table from Woodcraft?