Shelving Ideas for the Ultimate Home Library

June 17th, 2019 Blog

Shelving Ideas for the Ultimate Home Library

Whether you’re a writer, a scholar, an all-around bibliophile or an interior designer who appreciates the aesthetic of books, who wouldn’t love to have a library nestled within the comfort of their own home? It doesn’t matter whether you favour the latest best-selling authors, great classics of literature, or even a rare assortment of dusty antiquarian tomes – we’ll leave the book selection for you to decide!

Our part will be to get you started in choosing the best design in furniture for a room in your home dedicated solely to books. If you’re still undecided after reading this list then you can get your questions answered by one of our design specialists – it may also help to continue to browse what’s new in our product line to see if any extra office furniture will suit your new library, like an executive desk.

Every great collection of books deserves an equally impressive room in which to house them. When you care enough about your reading material to build a collection large enough to warrant an entire room devoted to reading, dull shelving just won’t cut the mustard. A room that’s impressive enough to be called a library, deserves furniture that’s just as impressive.

Handcrafted solid wood shelving can be so notable that its features are worthy of dictating the entire design of your room. Any of the following stunning options fall well within the scope of this category.

Classic Scholar’s Den: Glenn Bookcase and Tranquil Bookcase

Either of these designs would perfectly suit your library if you’re going for a classic and traditional look. The perk feature is that they both come available with a double door at the bottom for concealed storage. While the Tranquil Bookcase veers towards a modern look, the Glenn Bookcase offers more of a traditional style, including beveled trim and your choice of turned or tapered feet.

Eclectic Modernism: The Framework Bookcase

For those who crave originality, the Framework Bookcase is a shelf unlike any other. Rather than offering the same old design of even boards, the Framework Bookcase is divided into different sections throughout, so large books can mix with small. This is an eclectic bookcase, best suited to a room that’s bathed in personality.

Pure Elegance: Bookcases with Glass Doors

If you’re looking for the most elegant new bookcase you can find, then one with glass doors should be among your top consideration. The Phoenix Cabinet, for example, is tall and seats well in pairs, so you can build row upon row of elegant encased shelving.

The Ultimate Versatility: Deluxe Bookcase with Beveled Glass Door

For those who remain on the fence about whether to include glass doors or not, you can also have the best of both worlds with the Deluxe Bookcase with Beveled Glass Door. This option brings variation to your library, while maintaining the classic look.

All of these bookshelves are handcrafted out of the finest in solid wood. You can also customize any of these shelves to meet any specific desire you might have in stain or variety of wood. Contact us today to get more advice on picking out a shelving option for your library and matching your selection with other beautiful solid wood furniture options.