Should You Buy a Matching or Diverse Bedroom Set?

May 28th, 2019 Blog

Should You Buy a Matching or Diverse Bedroom Set?

When it comes to choosing the décor of your bedroom furniture, there are two opposing schools of thought. Traditionally, it has been more common for people to dream about the elegant and sophisticated luxury of a matching solid wood bedroom set. Some recent interior designers today, however, are starting to buck this tried-and-true trend, in favour of a mismatched and more eclectic set of bedroom furniture.

Thinking in the Long Term

While traditions exist for a reason, they can end up seeming like a boring cliché from time to time and it can be exciting to try something new. When it comes to quality-made solid wood furniture, you want to be sure that what you pick out is right for you. That’s because well-made wooden furniture is an investment like almost no other.

The Benefit of Quality-Made Furniture

When you order furniture from a company that’s been producing elegant, handcrafted furniture since 1974, you know you’re buying items that are built to last. With the proper care, fine solid wood bedroom sets – like golden oak bedroom furniture or cherry bedroom sets – can last you a lifetime and even longer, to become heirlooms that you’ll pass on to future generations.

Choosing a Style That’s Right for You

The only way to get to the heart of what style is right for your own bedroom is to consider the following pros and cons of each side of the debate.

Mixing Versus Matching

The beauty of solid wood furniture is that all wood matches to some degree. If you’re considering the option of bedroom furniture shown in maple and you’re interested in mixing it with furniture made out of an alternative material, such as metal or glass, then you might have a harder time finding a balance to fit the room’s décor as a whole.

Mixed Material Furniture

Some solid wood designs look better as a set, while others are better suited to contrast. If you’re designing your bedroom to accommodate a variety of materials, then you might want to consider choosing a solid wood item that already incorporates other materials, such as a solid wood table with a metal base or an epoxy and wood design.

People who order handcrafted solid wood furniture are usually looking for designs, unlike anything that they’re used to seeing in homes. If you want to push originality to its extreme, the option for you will be to order custom made bedroom furniture so you can introduce unique designs for each piece in the room.

Whatever motivates the way that you decorate your home, you will never regret the addition of handcrafted solid wood furniture. The best way to find the bedroom furniture that works perfectly in your home is to browse through our inventory for ideas.