Solid Wood Beds Make for Solid Sleeping

June 8th, 2020 Blog

Solid Wood Beds Make for Solid Sleeping

People should invest their money where they invest their time — if the average person needs about eight hours of sleep, that means we spend one-third of our life in bed. Choosing a high-quality bed made of real solid wood anchors the sense of space in a bedroom, adding a sense of heft to the room.

But wood beds come in different styles and looks. Let’s check out a few different types of wooden beds, so you can get an appreciation for just what craftsmanship is available.

Low-Slung Wood Frames

Some bed frames sit low on the ground, and have a slim and sleek profile, even though they can have a loud and full presence. Sometimes the look can stem from how the colours of the wood match the surrounding room and make it pop.

But the physical shape of solid wood beds that have tapered legs and a low headboard can really make a strong impression in a room. Minimalism is in right now for a lot of people who live in smaller, urban environments.

For people who have less physical space but still want a wooden bed that’s a showstopper, a beautiful hardwood bed with a smaller profile may be perfect.

Poster Beds

We’ve all seen movies or even real rooms in castles featuring the regal bed of kings and queens or world leaders, and they often have poster beds with fancy silk embroideries hanging down. Today, it’s more common to find more modern alternatives like the Fallingbrook Poster Bed that have a cleaner look, while still being grandiose and inviting.

Poster beds practically beg you to jump on in and curl up and enjoy the space. With their height, they seem to take up more room than they actually do. Something with such an outsized presence devoted to pure comfort is something anyone would love to have where they sleep.

Floating Beds

True word-working experts have created the Woodcraft Floating Bed which, like its name suggests, looks indeed like it’s floating. The thick wood frame of the bed appears to be hovering over the ground as if on thin air!

The considerable heft and substance of the furniture is balanced against the elegance of the floating frame and the night stands. The result is a bed frame that adds a lot of gravitas without ever being overbearing.

The complexity and even ingenious wood-working design that creates the floating effect delivers a sufficient “wow” factor that you don’t need to be an interior decorator to appreciate.

Getting enough rest each day is a vital way for people to stay healthy and feel good. We spend an enormous chunk of our lives in bed, so it makes sense to choose a high-quality wood frame that really speaks to you. You can see what’s new at Woodcraft when bed shopping, because sleeping on real hard wood made with artistry and top quality craftsmanship will make for a solid sleep for many years to come.