Something Old, Something New In Dining Room Tables

October 15th, 2018 Blog

Holidays aren’t just about exchanging gifts and enjoying scrumptious feasts – they’re a celebration of traditions, old and new. While you’re preparing your home for this year’s holiday season, consider whether your current style of furniture reflects the home you want to live in.

Everyday, your house is becoming more of a home. As this process continues, you’ll find it more and more important that your home includes something of the nostalgic rituals that you grew up with and want to continue to share with your family everyday – but holding on to the past too dearly can also hold you back.

Family traditions aren’t just about recreating old memories year after year; they remain vibrant and exciting because new memories are formed and old memories are reshaped as they get shared and revamped by your family.

Just like a refinishing a fine wooden antique family heirloom, there’s a great satisfaction to be had in revitalizing what we hold dear and seeing it become valuable for new generations. When we see how little changes hold to the kernel of what’s important, they can be exactly what keeps a tradition living – and fun!

Changes in style function in the exact same way as changes in tradition. Our furniture is an important part of our personal culture and reflects who we are and what we hold dearest in our lives – and why shouldn’t it? When you recognize this, you’ll think twice about that old second-hand dinner table you’ve been passing off as a family gathering place! This year, the perfect holiday gift could be one of the many wooden dining room tables available at Woodcraft!

Now that we’ve got you thinking about your furniture, perhaps you’re considering how you’ve got the “old” part covered entirely but not so much the “new.” At Woodcraft, we’ve seen many new families in this exact situation – they’ve held onto a worn-out, mass-produced antique for so long, knowing it’s practically worthless but just can’t bear to let it go. Usually, their attitudes change dramatically as soon as they see the reclaimed wood dining room tables we offer at competitive pricing.

When choosing a new dining room table for your home, it’s always a good idea to find something that will work in the same way as a tradition – it brings a fresh style into your home, while holding onto aspects of the past that matter most. A hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood table is one of the easiest and most luxurious ways to achieve the perfect balance of bringing the old and the new into your home.

When cared for properly, these designer items will turn into cherished family heirlooms of their own, because artisan furniture never goes out of style. They also make good investments, since they’ll only appreciate in value.

Woodcraft offers a large selection of styles that will help guide you to the new table that you’ll help design. By picking out the exact materials you want, you can help craft a piece of furniture that’s perfect for your home. Right now, you can check out our current specials on wooden furniture available at Woodcraft – there’s still time before Christmas to order a new dining room table to give to your family!