Spotlight on Oak: The Benefit of Solid Oak Furniture

January 20th, 2022 Blog

Spotlight on Oak The Benefit of Solid Oak Furniture

Furniture selection seems like a simple task until you need to pick one for your home or office space. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a myriad of options to choose from.

There are several factors you should consider in making a more informed choice. They can include style, space, comfort, cost, and quality. Although it depends on your preferences, insisting on quality will help you save money in the long run. You can ensure that you won’t return to the market soon. If you want the furniture to last and get good value for your money, paying attention to the materials used is crucial.

Many homeowners choose to invest in solid oak furniture since it is appealing and suitable for a retro feel, vintage vibe, or any desired look. Solid oak furniture also offers long-term benefits, and we will discuss them below. But first, let’s look at what it is made of.

What Is Solid Oakwood?

Solid oak is pure hardwood that comes from the oak tree, and oak is denser compared with other wood species. Note that the density of wood is essential for making furniture. It provides higher strength and stiffness properties. Both are indicators of general wood quality. That’s why oak hardwood is one of the best furniture-making materials.

The wood from an oak tree has a natural light colour. It also has a prominent grain pattern stemming from the rings of the oak tree. Being one of the most versatile wood materials, you can expect furniture shops to have an ample supply of oak hardwood.

The Benefits of Solid Oak Furniture

Solid oakwood is an excellent choice when choosing furniture based on materials. But many people waste their money on cheaper materials like aluminum, steel, and plastic. If you’re still unsure what to purchase, here are the benefits you can get from investing in solid oak furniture:


You can find solid oak furniture in many different styles. No matter what you choose, it will fit in any home and interior. Whether you’re going after a traditional, rustic, or contemporary setting, solid oak furniture will always look amazing. It’s also easy to mix and match in almost everything from a kitchen oak table to a bed frame and dresser.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike other hardwood materials, solid oak furniture requires minimal maintenance. Because it’s a dense wood, it doesn’t scratch or stain easily. Thus, you can keep it looking brand-new, like when you first purchased it. All you need to do is dust it and apply furniture wax at least every six to nine months.


Durability is the most apparent benefit of solid oak furniture. It’s a lot sturdier than most hardwood varieties. Being very resistant to wear and tear, furniture made of oakwood is undoubtedly a smart investment. It can withstand heavy loads for many decades without losing its glamorous look.


Around eighty percent of the forests have already been destroyed due to deforestation. When choosing furniture, it’s always a good idea to consider sustainability. Because of the longevity of solid oak furniture, you can hand them down to future generations.

It’s also worth noting that the high demand for this durable material doesn’t strain oak trees. Most European and American oak come from long-term and sustainable projects, so there are plenty of resources.


You will find a lot of solid oak furniture that will never go out of style, from traditional to classy and trendy pieces. The timeless nature and appearance of oak furniture will fit the ever-changing trends of your home or office. Its unique grain and surface will transcend time changes, so they won’t look outdated even in the future.

The Most Common Examples of Solid Oak Furniture

Beds and Nightstands

Generally, solid oakwood is ideal for a bed or nightstand. Not only because of its durability but also its capability to be a versatile furniture piece.

Tables and Chairs

Oak tables and chairs will mix well with other types of furniture. Since oakwood can bring a warm and rustic vibe, it can make your table and chairs stand out.

Cabinets and Closets

Cabinets and closets are some of the furniture that might be all over your house. Oak cabinets and closets are an excellent option for high-quality furniture that won’t break the bank.

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“Did you know that oakwood has a density of 0.75 grams per cubic centimetre, which is more than pine wood that contains 0.43 grams per cubic centimetre? Therefore, oakwood is regarded as the most durable, hard, and fungal-resistant material, mainly used for making high-quality European oak furniture and doors.”

– Woodcraft

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FAQs on Spotlight on Oak: The Benefit of Solid Oak Furniture

Can solid oak be infested with pests?

Water and moisture can attract pests and cause infestation. But oak is durable and resistant to absorption and warping, meaning you can avoid any potential pest problems. Still, ensure to take care of your solid oak furniture.

What are the main differences between veneer and solid oak furniture?

A veneer is often used as an alternative to solid oak. It provides a similar finish as solid oak, but it is much cheaper. The main difference is that solid oak will not echo and only generate a short thud. Meanwhile, veneer usually echoes, and you can hear the sound after knocking on it.

Is oakwood furniture worth the money?

Oak furniture usually has a high initial cost. But since it doesn’t easily break, you can save tons of money in the long run considering you won’t need to replace it time after time.