Spotlight On Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

October 23rd, 2018 Blog

The fall is just beginning to make way to the coming winter. This means that Thanksgiving has long passed by – unless you’re in the U.S.A.! – and Christmas is coming soon. Through it all, there’s one thing that unites these colder seasons and their holidays, and that’s the feasting!

During colder months, we tend to listen to our bodies telling us that it’s the time of year to stay indoors, get cozy with our loved ones, and enjoy an abundance of rich and delicious foods! When it comes to the experts in the world of furniture, we know where all eyes will be focused: on the dining room table.

If you’ve been putting off trading in that old, worn out hand-me-down dining room set, wait no longer. You’ll soon regret the waiting when the in-laws arrive expecting to be fed in comfort and style.

Luckily, you’ve been following the advice of our blog and have a pretty good sense of why Woodcraft solid wood furniture is the best option available. In this installment, we’re going to remind you of a few of the basics about reclaimed wood dining room tables that anyone who’s looking for a new one-of-a-kind family heirloom should keep in mind.

It’s becoming more common to hear that children and grandchildren are no longer interested in hand-me-down items from prior generations. What you don’t hear as often is that this has largely to do with how much mass-produced furniture was sold in the latter half of the twentieth century. When it comes to furniture, hand-crafted items always have been and always will be valued by a vast majority of people.

Woodcraft’s reclaimed wood dining room tables are never duplicated and are impossible to recreate. When this is the case, furniture can only appreciate in value and will never go out of style. If you’re interested in a dining room table made of reclaimed wood from Woodcraft, there are many styles available.

The Jackson Reclaimed Wood Dining Table borrows elements from one of Woodcraft’s most popular designs but incorporates a metal base. You can choose from a variety of sourced reclaimed wood to match your home’s décor, including pine, wormy maple, maple, oak and cherry.

The base is customizable with powder coated metal, polished steel or chrome. With an ability to blend our design with your specific tastes, you’ll take part in creating an absolutely unique piece of furniture, perfect for hosting a large holiday celebration with your loved ones.

The Austin Dining Table blends Canadian-sourced reclaimed wood with a Texan-style design for an elegant and distinctive look. Alternatively, our Lakefield Dining Table blends elements of the old and the new, incorporating reclaimed barn-wood boards onto a metal double base. Each of these exquisite hand-crafted dining room tables is customizable with all of the same options available for the Jackson table.

Why not call us to learn more about your options for unique, reclaimed wood dining room tables?