Spring Cleaning Starts With Reconsidering Your Old Furniture

March 22nd, 2018 Blog, General

That old bookshelf whose veneer is peeling. That old chair that creaks every time you sit down. That old dining room table that’s on its last leg (literally). When you’re spring cleaning this year, don’t just sweep for dust – consider everything in your house, including your furniture, and make decisions about what needs to go. And when it comes time to say goodbye to those old pieces of furniture, make sure you replace them with furniture that will last.

It’s understandable – a home is a constant work in progress, and getting around to replacing all those old, past-their-prime furniture pieces can take some time. Oftentimes, first-time homeowners will buy their furniture on the cheap, since they’ve already scrimped and saved what they could for a down payment, and that furniture will stick around well past its due date. But as time goes by, and finances once again look healthy, you should consider buying furniture that will stand the test of time, like Woodcraft solid wood furniture made from Canadian wood.

It’s not that old furniture is bad necessarily. In fact, it usually contains some serious sentimental value – maybe it was the first bed you bought with your partner, or it was a table you got as a gift from your parents all those years ago. But as it ages, especially the stuff made from particleboard, veneer or lower quality solid wood, it begins to deteriorate and it looks, well… ugly. Out with the old, and in with the new. And you can view this as a great opportunity to improve your home.

So, what should you look for in new furniture? For starters, you want something that is solid and well built, sturdy enough to last for decades, that way you won’t ever have to replace it again. To that end, you also want something that looks timeless, with a clean, straightforward design that won’t fall out of fashion in a few years. Sometimes you can just tell when a home was decorated in the ‘70s or ‘80s because it carries that unmistakeable faddish quality, but if you shop for simple, professionally crafted pieces you won’t run into that issue.

Start with the centre of attention: the living room. Really consider whether the coffee table, sideboard, sofa tables or entertainment unit need replacing. For an updated take on the classic coffee table, consider one of our reclaimed wood coffee tables, made with wood repurposed from industrial uses – they adds a timeless, nuanced character to a living room. For an entertainment unit that has plenty of storage (after all, this is spring cleaning we’re talking about), check out our Newport 65” TV Console with Side Towers. And for a little extra table surface, for flowers, pictures or books, check out our Live Edge Console sofa table, crafted to preserve the natural grain of the wood around the edges.

Next, turn your attention to where you spend a third of your day – the bedroom. The last thing you want is a creaky old bed that threatens to collapse every time you fall on it at the end of a hard day. For a simple, sleek design that’s made with durable, lasting solid wood, take a look at our Waterfall Live Edge bed; that live edge really adds a natural, rustic charm to the room. For your clothes, you can’t go wrong with our Hampton or Riverdale Dresser, or if you just want to streamline and consolidate the whole decision-making process, just go for one of our bedroom sets – we’d be happy to chat with you about your personal vision for your bedroom, and make that vision a reality.

Finally, if you’re slightly embarrassed every time you have dinner guests over, because of the state of your kitchen table, perhaps it’s time to reconsider that as well. Try a round table, like our Queens or St. George Dining Table, which allow for better conversation.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be about sweeping up the dust bunnies and throwing out old magazines. Reconsider the big stuff in your home, like furniture. After all, spring is all about rebirth, right? Out with the old, and in with the new!