Spruce Up Your Apartment With Custom Furniture

August 25th, 2017 Blog

Maybe you’re living in downtown Toronto, in a Liberty Village high rise or the main floor of a cute row house in Leslieville, but it just doesn’t feel… homey. We’re pretty firm believers that nothing screams hominess more than artisanal, custom-made items, because they add uniqueness and panache to an otherwise cookie-cutter apartment. And as far as custom-made items go, wood furniture is, to us, the supreme expression of hominess, able to fit in with the décor of any place and lending a natural, cozy element to the space. In this blog, we’ll look at a few different ways you can spruce up (we know, it’s a pretty cheap pun!) your apartment with custom-made wood furniture.

Space it a key factor in any apartment, so it’s good to have a piece of furniture that’s able to act as both an expression of style as well as a functional storage spot. Our custom sideboard that we make with Canadian speckled cherry wood is a striking, minimalist accent to any white wall in your apartment, and with its many cabinet doors and drawers you can fit things like cutlery, linens, writing utensils and papers. Its long, flat top can be used to seat a television and speakers as well; position it across from your couch and you have an entertainment unit, a storage space and a piece of art all rolled into one!

Turning our attention to the dining room, what we really find that makes an apartment feel like home are the solid wooden tables from Woodcraft that we make the old fashioned way. We at Woodcraft understand the importance of meeting around a table: it’s where vacations get planned, where friends tell stories – and, yes, where we eat takeout Thai food occasionally because we’re too lazy to cook. If you’re looking to accentuate some already existing earth tones in your kitchen or dining room – like, for instance, exposed brick – our Upcycled Industrial Leg Live Edge Table is perfect. Its natural wooden edge gives it a rough, sophisticated look, and its legs, salvaged from an industrial site, have a gorgeous, timeworn patina.

Pair that with any our handcrafted chairs, like the simple and straightforward Edward Chair, the Slat Back Arm & Side Chair, or even sidle up a turnbuckle bench to give it that “Bavarian Beer Hall” feel. We give you your choice of stain, so you can easily customize the appearance of your kitchen.

And if the kitchen and dining room is where the important decisions are made, the bedroom is where you go to unwind and not make decisions. To that end, everything in a bedroom needs to be comfortable. Very comfortable. Our solid wood bedroom furniture sets pair comfort and usability, giving your bedroom a cohesive, modern look that you can’t get by assembling your furniture in piecemeal fashion. Check out the Riverdale Bedroom Set: a very cool, rustic collection of pieces produced with Canadian hardwood, with plenty of storage space (there are even drawers at the bottom of the bed) to help reduce the clutter in your room. O if you’re going for less of a rustic aesthetic – maybe something more sleek and modern – check out the New Yorker Bedroom Collection, which takes the vogue lines and black stained surfaces of Midtown Manhattan lofts and transplants them in your apartment.

Comfort, usability and beauty – it’s not too much to ask for all three, even if you live in a small apartment. At Woodcraft, we’re here to make your decorating ideas become a reality, working with you to choose the best assortment of solid wood furniture for your apartment. We even offer a white glove delivery service, meaning that you’re not on your own to lug some furniture up into your apartment; we’ll move in, place and set up your furniture for you! Call us if you have any questions, and we’ll start turning your apartment into a bona fide home!