Take Advantage Of Our Cherry Wood Sale For A Rich Colour

November 18th, 2016 Blog

Cherry wood, harvested from the broad-leaved, eponymous tree, is a hardwood that you will frequently found used to make panels, hardwood floors, cabinets, drawers, dining tables, bookcases, and more. Because of its natural properties, it’s been a popular material among craftsmen for centuries, and markings such as gum streaks lend even more to its characters. It’s not only been a popular material among carpenters and furniture makers, it’s also a treasured material in flutes as a sound conductor that can rival mahogany.

Despite its sonic qualities, we here at Woodcraft mostly turn to cherry for making furniture (that is, after all, what we’ve been doing since 1974), and it’s one of our favourite materials to use. If you’re unfamiliar with the material, these are some of the reasons that we love it so much:

Colour – When it’s freshly planed, the sapwood is a pale, creamy colour, but the heartwood is a pale pink, almost as though it’s blushing. The most striking quality of cherry is the way it ages; over time, the pale pink deepens and darkens into a ruddy brown with an undertone of amber, a depth and complexity that’s impossible to replicate with finishes. The sapwood, meanwhile, takes on a darker brown hued with gold, a combination that’s earned the material plenty of fans, many of whom believe it’s too rare an effect to be stained.

Pliability – Cherry is generally more pliable than some of the other materials we use, including maple and oak, while still retaining a remarkable strength that’s made it popular in both furniture and flooring.

Density – A moderate hardwood, strong, and falling somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of weight, it’s not just beautiful but a practical choice for solid wood furniture. In addition, it’s finely grained and features a smooth texture, another reason woodworkers love it. Plus, it’s highly resistant to rot and fungi, which can make it suitable for cottage furniture where you may not have the same kind of humidity control you enjoy at your home in the city.

These qualities mean cherry commands a higher price than other hardwoods because it’s in such high demand, but its colour is simply irreplaceable. Fortunately, if you shop for your custom solid wood furniture at Woodcraft, you can take advantage of our cherry wood sale.

Before our fall promotion is over, get any piece of furniture in cherry and we take 5% off the price, including items that are already part of our table sale such as the Arcadia, Metro, Avenue, Long Island, St. George, or Strata tables. Combined with our table sale, you can save anywhere from 25 to 35% from your purchase, and still take advantage of all the customizable options we offer on dimensions and stains. While some admirers insist that cherry should never be stained and allowed to darken naturally, certain colours can help accentuate its natural properties. It’s a great opportunity to introduce a wood with a lot of personality, a rich and complex colour, and many admirers into your home.