The Future is Wood Furniture: Their Strengths & Durability

June 30th, 2021 Blog

wood furniture

One of the best purchases you can make for your home is authentic wood furniture as it is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and are durable. Once you’ve understood how and why wood furniture is more durable, more robust and long-lasting, you’ll never think twice again.

Let’s break it down step by step what makes wood furniture a better alternative to other furniture types.

The Types of Wood

Before beginning, consider the different types of real wood tables you can choose from and their weights. When looking at the types of wood, there are two types of categories to look at: hardwood and softwood.

Hardwoods are usually acquired to build furniture because they stem from denser trees and have superior strength and durability. On the other hand, softwoods are not as strong but are lighter and known to grow faster, leading to them being more cost-effective.

When measuring the strength of these woods, woodcrafters look at the Janka hardness scale, which measures their density by doing a controlled test. The results appear in pounds-force, also known as lbf.

Here at Woodcraft, we have a fine selection of various types of wood chosen from Canadian trees to meet your every need with multiple looks and strengths.


Oak wood is hardwood. Oak’s traditionally strong and distinct swirling pattern makes it easily recognizable and admired. The oak trees’ growing process is longer than the others, which results in a denser, more robust wood.

Janka hardness rating:

White oak: 1,350 lbf


Maple wood’s natural patina will deepen with age. Maple’s a fan favourite for unique furniture that’s also very strong and durable.

Janka hardness rating:

Hard maple: 1,450 lbf


Pine is a very stiff wood that makes it durable and strong when its incorporated into furniture. Over time, pine develops patina from oxidation and repels any shrinking or swelling.

Janka hardness rating:

Ocote Pine: 950 lbf


Cherry wood, which comes from a cherry fruit tree, is durable and versatile and makes it one of the bestselling on the market.

Janka hardness rating:

Sweet Cherry: 1,150 lbf

Comparing Wood to Other Types of Furnitures

When looking at the benefits of solid wood furniture, they surpass metal or plastic furniture tenfold. Let’s use reclaimed wood as an example. There are assurances when using reclaimed wood because it’s already stood the test of time. Reclaimed wood is the wood found from old factories, barns, ships etc. and becomes refinished into what is now known as reclaimed wood. These woods are solid and durable because they have already been around for decades and have experienced much less air pollution, creating more durable lumber.

With other types of furniture, you’ll notice a few cons that are usually game changers for most people.

  • Not as comfortable as wood furniture.
  • Not as durable compared to wood
  • Older furniture may consist of flame retardants a chemical used to improve fire safety but is now proven to be associated with many health risks.
  • Not as long-lasting

When considering what to invest in your future, remember to think of all the ways wood furniture will benefit and last longer than others. Your wood furniture will not only last your lifetime but your children’s too.