The Importance Of Having A Quality Dining Table

May 30th, 2018 Blog

There are certain “important” pieces of furniture that your house has: the bed, for example, where you spend on average about a third of your life (scary thought!); the desk that you sit at for hours on end as you check work emails; the couch where you relax; the cabinet where you store some family memorabilia. But none of these are quite as important as the humble dining table, the seat (literally) of activity in a house, around which family members and friends bond and make memories.

This article is all about tables. How tables have the power to forge connections and relationships, and how great, solid wood tables from Woodcraft furniture makers can create the perfect centrepiece to a dining room. First, let’s look at the importance of the dinner table. Throughout history, dating back to a time when people ate their dinner around a communal slab of wood, the dining table has symbolized community and togetherness, the ability to share a meal together. It’s a place where, for at least a couple meals a day, the family can gather to recap their days, share stories and talk.

When mealtimes are over, the humble dining room table takes on a plethora of other duties: it’s where the kids do their homework (or procrastinate doing their homework); it’s where the family plays board games or fits together puzzles; it’s where friends sit when they come and visit; it’s where big celebrations like birthdays and holiday dinners are held… In short, there is a whole lot that happens around a dining table, which is why it’s important to get a good one.

For a piece of furniture that has as much character as the family sitting around it, check out the reclaimed wood dining table we offer, which mixes rustic charm with modern design sensibilities. Having been made from salvaged and repurposed wood, these tables carry with them the marks and blemishes of a storied history, and an irresistibly lived-in patina. They’re also tough as nails – they would have to be in order to have survived this long. This mix of timeless aesthetic and durability also means that one day you can pass this table on to your child, and they can use it with their own family. Both the Lakefield Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and the Austin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table are great choices to provide an earthy, complex centerpiece to your dining room.

For something a little more metropolitan – but no less striking – take a look at our very popular Metropolitan Dining Table, featuring a clean-lined tabletop sitting on an arced pedestal. It isn’t showy or ornate; it’s just a great example of how superior craftsmanship and straightforward design can turn solid wood into something magical. Or perhaps you want to go with a round table, that way everyone’s equal and everyone can see each other as they talk. We have a few round-top tables to choose from, like the classic St. George Dining Table or the subtly detailed Bedford Single Pedestal Table.

If there is one item of furniture in a home that you want to ensure is special, it has to be the dining table. There’s no use having one of those mass-produced, assembly required tables taking on the responsibility of convening your family, as the table will only break down after a few years’ use. Go for a handcrafted, solid wood table. You can check out our latest promotions to find sales on tables and all sorts of other furniture items, or come down to one of our showrooms. We’ll make the tables – you make the memories!