The Many Options You Get with Solid Wood Furniture

January 17th, 2020 Blog

The Many Options You Get with Solid Wood Furniture

If you’re looking to match quality with variety, there’s no better choice than handmade solid wood furniture. If you’re looking for greater control over the design of your finished product, order custom built furniture. Any of the designs displayed in the online inventory here at Woodcraft can include custom features to perfectly match the décor of your home.


The Classic Traditional Look


That fact that solid wood furniture has never gone out of fashion makes it an excellent long-term investment. Classic furniture designs made from handcrafted solid wood always remain popular because they match so well with any décor choices that might already exist in your home. People who opt for traditional designs are usually confident in the choices they’re looking for – all it takes is exposure to a new item in traditional design before they decide to buy.

If you’re looking for a solid wood dining table with a traditional look, then the Long Island Dining Table might be a perfect choice for your home. Not only will this classic rectangular design accommodate a large number of people, but it fits easily into most dining spaces.


Unique, Contemporary Styles


If you prefer to add something a little more daring to your home, then you’ll probably want to consider one of our more innovative options. Contemporary designs make excellent statement pieces in order to balance modern tastes with personal expression within the home.


One option that will always stand out among the décor of almost any room is to blend a dining table’s reclaimed wood table top with an epoxy fill or live edge finish, such as our Arcadia Live Edge Dining Table contains. If you’re looking to break with the traditional look, while maintaining all of the functional ability of a classic design, then this is the table for you.


Add a Trendy Sideboard or Buffet Hutch


People often overlook the versatility that you can achieve by simply adding a complimentary piece of furniture to your dining room. If you’re looking for an item match with a dining table that has a traditional design, then our Old Country China Cabinet or Rustic Buffet are both excellent options. You might also consider buying a solid wood dining table set complete with handcrafted chairs of your choosing.


Considering Other Selections


When you’re furnishing your home with solid wood, the tendency is to develop an ambition to add something made of wood to every room. While you’re looking at what’s available in dining tables, you may want to explore your options such as bedroom furniture from solid pine as well – particularly if you are already in need of a new bedroom set.


When it comes to handcrafted solid wood furniture, the amount of options you get may feel overwhelming. The best way to get started is to take a look at our new custom furniture designs and then talk to a company representative about the options that you enjoy most.