The Only Dining Table You’ll Ever Need to Buy

January 24th, 2020 Blog

The Only Dining Table You’ll Ever Need to Buy

Finding an item for your home that lasts is a rare thing. To invest in a piece of furniture that’s built to last for your entire life seems almost unheard of. Handcrafted solid wood is one of the only materials that can fulfill this capability and more, because a piece of furniture that’s been quality handcrafted out of solid wood can last for generations when cared for properly. Durability and longevity, however, is only one of the many attractive features that solid wood furniture has to offer.

The Trend Away from Disposable Furniture


Twenty years ago, quickly assembled and inexpensive furniture saw a boost in popularity. Big box stores were able to capitalize on the attraction of new designs in order to distract customers from noticing that these were not quality items. Now that so many people have had the experience of throwing out their pressboard tables, dressers, and bedroom furniture after only a handful of years of use, the trend is shifting back towards traditional, quality made items.

The Beauty of Solid Wood


Sure, there are other materials used in furniture-crafting that might last for a long time, but none that match the timeless elegance of wooden dining room furniture custom designed to fit your home.


No matter what styles seem new and trendy at any one time, solid wood furniture has always been admired for its rich, classic beauty. Whether you’re looking specifically for round solid wood dining tables or a rectangular design, the traditional style that you choose will never go out of fashion.


An Environmentally-Friendly Choice


If you decide to buy any of the newly designed reclaimed barn wood tables available in our inventory, you’ll be repurposing high-quality wood into a long-lasting item, which results in a better choice for the environment.


The irony about cheaply made furniture is that it makes little long-term financial sense. Furniture that is only designed to be disposed of within a few short years ends up costing more over time because it requires new purchases so often. It is also an increasing waste problem. Our landfills are full of items that people have callously brought to use only for a short period of time.


Heirloom Value


Buying a quality dining table isn’t just about your own pleasure, since most furniture is designed for the whole family to enjoy. Your table will last throughout your lifetime and then beyond, so why not think of the piece that you invest in today as an heirloom item to be destined to become a meaningful gift. Imagine your children one day owning the table where they grew up sharing your meals.


When you buy a piece of furniture that’s meant to last for generations, you need the expertise of a quality furniture maker like Woodcraft. Contact us today to learn more about the options that are available in handcrafted dining tables.