Throw A Barbecue Dinner Party This Labour Day

June 28th, 2017 Blog

Everyone has their own Labour Day traditions, from getting out of town to a cottage by the lake, going to see fireworks at Canada’s Wonderland, or inviting friends and family over for a barbecue. There are some truly stunning barbecue recipes and techniques out there now, especially with the rebirth of live fire cooking from top chefs. Many master grillers aren’t content just to fire up the barbecue anymore, but are investing in wood smokers to give their meat a greater depth of flavour. Michael Smith, a Chopped Canada judge and PEI-restaurateur suggests using fruit wood chips like apple for smoking, among other secrets of the craft that home-grillers can do themselves.

Eating on the deck or in the backyard can be a blast, right up until rain is in the forecast for the end-of-summer long weekend, or until flies, wasps, and hornets come to crash the party. Don’t forget that the end of August is also when wasp populations are at their hungriest, drawn to sweet, sugary foods and beverages that people like to eat outside. Barbecue is also a great menu choice for more formal dinner parties as well, especially if you’re a dedicated wood smoker or a lover of live fire cooking. If you find that eating outdoors always seems like it’s a lot more fun than it turns out to be, make sure your dining table has room to accommodate.

That’s where Woodcraft and our traditionally made, solid wood dining tables come in. If you want to throw a stellar Labour Day dinner party, you might need a bigger table. All of our dining room tables can be made to order in the dimensions that fit your home and your requirements, whether that means you need to seat four or sixteen, whether you have odd corners or a square dining room. If you have an exceptionally unusual layout, you can consult with Woodcraft staff on finding the right solution for your dining room. For example, we can make a table that accommodates a load-bearing pillar or cut for an ill-fitting angle.

Our tables are built to be used – made out of solid wood, it doesn’t matter if they’re scratched or dented. They are made to be refinished and restained, extending their lifespan well beyond your own. They can be updated and restored, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them, whether it’s for your dinner parties or everyday use. After all, what’s the point of investing in a gorgeous dining table if you can’t enjoy it? Talk to us at Woodcraft about your dream dining table; if we don’t already have a design that matches your dream, we can work with you on a custom solution.

While you’re considering redecorating your home with a new dining room table, you can also find furniture to match with our great deals on floor models. We make custom wood furniture and we can make anything in your choice of wood material and colour, cut in the dimensions that fit your space. However, we also have a wide range of floor models for sale that include chairs and barstools, coffee tables, beds, benches, cabinets, and entertainment units. With our promotional prices, you can redecorate your entire home without a worry.