What Do You Get to Choose When Ordering Custom Furniture?

August 27th, 2019 Blog

Custom Furniture

Custom made pieces of furniture are unlike most things you can buy because buying custom means you get to have a hand in the design of a piece that will end up in your home. The pleasure of sharing your personal tastes will reach a new level when you get to explain to your friends and family about the choices you made to create such an elegant look.

You also get to feel the satisfaction of knowing that your item, which you’ll probably use every day, is absolutely unique so that no other piece of furniture in the entire world will look exactly the same as the one that’s adorning your home. This may all sound like an unbelievable opportunity, but you may also be curious about what exactly you get to decide and what the process entails.

Customization Options for Every Woodcraft Purchase

Custom furniture is exciting because it can give you so many opportunities to bring your own design choices to bear on any piece you order. For a dining room table, for example, the particulars you get to choose from can include:

  • Type of Wood
  • Layout Choice
  • Textures
  • Colour of Stain

Customizations of this sort help to ensure that your new solid natural wood furniture will be made to be exactly the style you’ll enjoy, so it will fit in perfectly among your existing interiors design.

Custom Stains

When you order one of our custom designs, you’ll get to choose the exact colour of stain that you’d like in your home. One of the services that you can order is to have a custom hue mixed to match an existing colour that is already present in your home, so that your new piece will fit your current interior exactly.

Reclaimed Wood

One of the most popular choices among custom furniture orders is that it be made from reclaimed wood. This option results in extraordinarily unique items that are made from salvaged materials and repurposed into quality-crafted furniture. When you order a reclaimed wood table top or a reclaimed wood coffee table for your home, you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made a sustainable and environmentally friendly purchase.

Textured Finishes

If you’d like a uniquely textured finish on your custom piece of furniture, then we’ll go the extra length to create something that matches your vision as closely as possible. You can view the existing options displayed online to get a better sense of what a textured finished looks like and what options are available.

Absolutely Original Ideas

The only real limitation between getting your unique idea and a functional finished result is finding a way to describe it exactly. Over the past, 43 years we have built many original designs to fit specific purposes and needs: including 30-foot board room table and miniature versions of our existing items, made to fit into a child’s bedroom.

When you choose a custom piece for your home, you’ll be investing in an heirloom item that will reflect your personal tastes. Take a look at the designs on our website and then contact us to find out what we can do to turn your vision into a reality.