How To Turn Your Modest Apartment Into A Holiday Dream Home

December 23rd, 2017 Blog

If you live anywhere in the GTA these days, you’ll understand that apartments are getting more, well… modest. As the price of real estate skyrockets, both renters and prospective buyers are looking at ever-smaller apartments and condos in which to make a home. But having a small apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t turn into a welcoming, festive space this holiday season and in fact, there’s a certain streamlined charm about decorating a smaller space. Your task of ensuring that everything matches, that all the furniture and holiday decorations pair well with the stock features of the place, is easier to pull off. Starting with our collection of solid wood furniture and then choosing smart accompaniments and flairs to accentuate, you can make even the most modest apartment into a holiday dream home.

Nothing makes a small space pop quite like the presence of wood furniture, which can turn an otherwise “small” apartment into a “cozy”, wintry apartment, all while lending grace and panache to the space. And you can utilize solid wood furniture to maximize the efficiency of your space, by choosing something that’s not only bold and stylish, but functional as well. If you have an apartment where the kitchen area and dining area are adjoined or belong to a single room, you need some kind of accessory piece of furniture to hold all the holiday knick-knacks, like festive place mats, candles and even indoor string lights. Check out our selection of sideboards and buffets, like our Downtown Two Door Buffet & Hutch, whose regal elegance masks its functionality nicely – not only does it help de-clutter your dining room, but it also works as a standalone piece of furniture.

If there’s one piece of furniture that you want to look great in a small apartment, especially during the holidays, it’s the dining room table. Since apartment dining rooms are often small, the dining room table – which is always the focus of attention in a dining room – is doubly important. It’s where you and your friends will gather around for Christmas dinner, where you’ll do most of your indoor socializing, so you want it to be good quality. An interesting trend emerging lately is to have tables made from reclaimed wood in your dining room, as these tables often add a rustic, lived-in look that adds character to an apartment.

The other main apartment room that needs some careful though put into it is the bedroom, which – let’s face it – you’ll want to show off when you give holiday guests “the tour”. Again, because of the small space, having economical, superior quality, matching pieces is important, which is why if you’re looking for a new bedroom set for your apartment, look for one that’s lovingly made, with solid wood. Our Kingston Bedroom Collection, for example, consists of a queen bed, nightstand, highboy, dresser and mirror, all expertly crafted from the Canadian solid wood of your choosing. You also have your choice of colours, ranging from a white stain to an ebony black stain, and many hues in between, so you can be certain that your bedroom set will match the stock features of the bedroom, like the wall paint, flooring or drapes.

Aside from solid wood furniture, accentuate your apartment’s natural beauty with holiday-inspired decorations, and make use of the wall space with racks and hooks. For the kitchen, try adding some rustic flair by mounting a magnetic knife rack on the wall, or hanging some copper pots by the stove. Hang hearty plants, like conifer branches, around the bedroom to remind you of winter. Making a modest apartment into a dream home is all about using space effectively, and not sacrificing on style and beauty. Happy holidays from everyone here at Woodcraft!