This Valentine’s Day, Give Solid Wood Furniture Instead Of Chocolates

January 24th, 2018 Blog

You can go one of two ways this Valentine’s Day: you can take the easy way with a respectable, above-average box of chocolates that comes with a printed ribbon on the box, or you can really wow your significant other. When you give someone the gift of solid wood furniture made by craftsman from Canadian wood, you’re giving them a gift that will last a lifetime, one that conveys all the things a strong relationship does: quality, care and a solid build.


We don’t remain too modest on the fact that Woodcraft wood furniture is high quality, from top to bottom – from the materials used to the expertise applied. If you’re going to get your significant other something special this Valentine’s Day – something, admittedly, that will benefit you both – check out our solid wood bedroom sets. Obviously, for reasons this article isn’t going to touch on, a bedroom is the locus of a good relationship, so ensuring that it’s furnished with quality pieces is pretty important.

Whether you’re going for a clean, sophisticated look, as with our Brent Bedroom Collection, with its abundance of dressers and chests and its urbane Brent Panel Bed, or something a little more rustic, as with our charming, Simply Country Bedroom Collection (perfect, too, if you’re shopping for the cottage), we’ve got bedroom furniture for all styles and settings. You can even stop by our showroom in Whitby to get a firsthand look at your potential Valentine’s gift. Coordinate with us ahead of time about delivery and we’ll make sure that the surprise is ready and waiting for your significant other when the time is right. When you see advice columns that say “shake things up in the bedroom”, we assume that this is what they really had in mind!


As with a relationship, a piece of solid wood furniture requires a bit of TLC. In these frigid winter months (which, as predicted, has been pretty biting), try and control the humidity in your home with a humidifier, keeping it around 40 to 45 percent, making sure as well that the furniture avoids direct sunlight. A good dusting every now and again, as well as the occasional clean will see your gift stay in tip-top shape for ages.  Of course, when we say “care” we’re also referring to the care we put into each of these pieces, something that comes naturally with our over 40 years in the business.

Solid Build

Why do you think it is that diamonds are such a popular gift for spouses? It’s because they’re sturdy, solid, unbreakable, just like your relationship. Well, the same goes for solid wood furniture, which, unlike the mass-produced stuff, is solid enough to withstand a lifetime, even longer. Take for instance a reclaimed wood table like our Jackson or Portland table, where we use repurposed wood to create something wholly new and unique. Not only is reclaimed wood popular right now because of its rustic character, but it’s also a testament to the staying power and lasting beauty of solid wood. Diamonds are a little cliché at this point, but solid wood furniture isn’t – not only is it beautiful and elegant, but it’s functional and usable.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t take the path commonly travelled. Stop by our Whitby showroom, or contact us through our website to set up delivery or pickup of what is sure to be the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift.