What Does Epoxy Have to Do with Your Dining Table

July 28th, 2020 Blog

What Does Epoxy Have to Do with Your Dining Table

Log onto Pinterest and Instagram, and you’ll find your feeds full of tables decorated with epoxy. You’ll know them by their signature ribbon of coloured epoxy, a synthetic resin, that cuts dramatically through the table’s surface. The use of a resin like epoxy has transformed furniture construction and created a veritable trend in interior design.

Here at Woodcraft, our craftspeople have their finger on the pulse of modern woodworking. It should come as no surprise we’ve embraced epoxy tables in our catalogue of handcrafted solid wood furniture. Also known as river tables, these chic dining tables use coloured epoxy to fill in gaps, reinforce weak points, and create a stunning visual effect.

Bring Something Magical to Your Dining Room

Long before lockdown measures came into place, we made a saying about our Blue Magic Dining Table. If you can’t live by the ocean, this handcrafted wood dining table brings the ocean to where you live.

While you may not be able to travel to far-off islands in the sun where the waters are clear and turquoise, you can easily bring this sparkling colour into your dining room. The untamed blue resin flows like a river through its solid wood construction, carving out a stunning tributary in Maple, Cherry, Oak, or Pine with a variety of finishes.

Just as each river around the world flows in a unique pattern through the landscape, each handcrafted Blue Magic Dining Table is totally one-of-a-kind. The blue resin epoxy conforms to the wood’s natural pattern, so it follows a different path with each piece we make. With additional options including reclaimed wood and live edge, this eye-catching table can be customized to fit your style.

A Trendy Option for Neutral Home Décor

Our river table creates the perfect accent for a variety of décors, but don’t worry if blue isn’t in your colour palette. For a neutral, yet no-less striking option, check out our Drake River dining room table. We’ve replaced the blue with a sophisticated black resin inlay that effortlessly matches all colour schemes. It, too, can be customized with your choice of wood, finishes, and special features.

One of our master craftspeople will be able to help you pick the perfect combination to fit your interior design — whether you’ve decorated your home in monochromatic ivories and greys or embraced a high-impact, saturated colour scheme.

What to Expect When Adding One to Your Home

If you plan on adding a river table to your dining room, prepare to put your tablecloths and runners into storage. As a statement piece, an epoxy dining table doesn’t need accessories to look fashionable. Pared down and rustic, its natural beauty deserves your full attention, unadorned.

Once you can safely entertain family and friends again, it will be an unforgettable conversation starter, making it the perfect addition to dinner parties and dressed-down gatherings alike.

To inquire about custom pieces made for your dining room this summer, give us a call or visit one of our storerooms. All three Woodcraft locations have re-opened for business and are ready to welcome you back!