What to Consider When Buying a New Dining Room Table

January 28th, 2019 Blog, General

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A dining room table probably isn’t a purchase that you make every week, probably not every month, perhaps not even every few years – actually, it all depends on the quality of table you choose to purchase and the care you put into your furniture. That said, if you take the time to pick out a quality piece of solid wood furniture that truly makes you and your family happy, then you may never need to buy another dining room set again in your life!

Given that most people buy vehicles and houses more often in a lifespan, there’s really no reason not to invest well in your furniture. If a purchase can last and make you happy for that long a time, then every penny you spend will be well worth it. Take a moment to consider that you might actually use this table every day, and still get as long a lifespan out of it!

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Longevity and Style

When it comes to furniture, everything depends on choosing wisely – so what factors will you consider? We’ve already noticed two of the most salient points: 1) is it built to last? and 2) are you going to continue to appreciate it further down the road?

If there’s one material that can fulfill both of these criteria it’s solid wood – just take a look at our collection of solid wood furniture and you’ll find every item to be both extremely well-crafted and built with top-of-the-line styles based on classic designs that are guaranteed to continue to please as time goes on. For excellent examples, start your search by taking a look at the Queens Table, the Long Island Dining Table, or the “Woodcraft Classic” Dining Table. Of course, each of these elegant options can be matched with a wide variety of dining room table chairs as well.

Proper Care

Any of our well-crafted solid wood dining room tables can outlast their original owners if cared for properly. This means that your investment has a good potential to get passed down to future generations as long as it’s looked after properly. A large part of care for solid wood furniture means simply to clean it with the proper materials, especially within the first few months, while the finish cures.

During this time, you’ll also want to exercise any doors or drawers on your piece for one hour daily to allow the air to properly cure inside. It’s also important to keep your wood furniture stored in a location with the proper humidity: between 40% to 45%. Of course, if your valued piece of furniture does end up getting damaged, we recommend taking it to the experts for repair.

Environmentally Sustainable Choices

With an increasing threat to the world’s ecosystems, people all over the planet are becoming more interested in making environmentally friendly purchases. If it’s important to you that your furniture creates the least harmful impact on the environment as possible, then one of the best possible options available to you is to purchase furniture crafted from reclaimed solid wood.

Luckily, reclaimed wood options are available in some of our most elegant designs as well. If you’re looking for a reclaimed wood dining table, start by considering the Jackson Reclaimed Single Pedestal, the Jackson Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, or the Austin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table. Each of these options offers a unique style of its own, which means that you’ll have no problem finding a design that will make a perfect fit for your home.

When choosing the right dining room table, it’s important to find something that will stand out and match your current home décor. Take your time to choose wisely, and you just might make the best investment of your life!