Which Solid Wood Dining Table is Right for You?

June 24th, 2020 Blog

Which Solid Wood Dining Table is Right for You?

Food is one of the things people care about most in this world, but we all know there’s a lot more to a meal than just how it tastes. Hosts put all kinds of thought into every element of a meal, from how the food is plated, who is seated around the table, and of course what food is being served.

What kind of dining table you get to eat around is a choice families usually only get to make once, so it needs to be carefully thought out. It’s an important decision that will impact how you and your family enjoy meals for years to come.

For centuries, getting a table fit for your family meant finding one large enough made of solid wood, like maple, oak, or cherry. Let’s look at two different wood tables which mix classic and very modern touches.

Magic Blue

Today’s solid wood dining room tables also have some extraordinary modern, even cosmic elements of décor. One look at a Magic Blue dining table is enough to change how you think about tables permanently.

The Magic Blue table is handcrafted of a traditional Canadian maple wood. This table gets its name from the thin, flowy and circuitous “Magic Blue” resin inlay that bisects the length of the table. The classic maple set against this artistic modern touch creates a beautiful effect in a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The table comes with chrome legs, but feel free to choose the size, wood, special finishes, as well as other optional features and customizations. The warm wood tones set against the glossy Magic Blue make the table simply unforgettable.

Drake River

The series of Drake River dining tables resembles the Blue Magic table in that there’s a river-like inlay running through the heart of it, only the resin filler is black instead of an ethereal aqua blue. This table is also truly unique piece, as the resin filler takes on the shape left in the natural undulations in each piece of wood.

This table makes a wonderful statement, combining traditional tones and designs with a contemporary, edgy splash. The wrought iron base, which looks like an “X’ or an asterisk depending on the angle from which you’re looking, adds a solid but playful look.

Your friends and family will love eating around the Drake River table for meals, no matter what you serve — people choose to buy special dining tables for their home because they create a wonderful atmosphere in the room that brings everyone together, and people will be as excited to eat on this table as they are just to eat in general.

People are spending longer at home now than ever, and it’s important to enjoy the space where we spend our time. Having a timeless table with contemporary flare built well enough to last for generations will excite today’s and tomorrow’s diners, whether they’re eating just a simple snack or enjoying holiday time with the entire family.