Why Bedrooms can Accommodate so Many Styles in Furniture

September 24th, 2019 Blog

bedroom furniture

It seems counterintuitive. Our bedrooms tend to all contain the same basic ingredients: bed, dresser, night stands, and perhaps a cabinet or wardrobe. These are the items that we all need to feel comfortable and to take care of ourselves in the most practical of ways. What’s surprising is how much diversity that these same items can accommodate.


The Options Available to You


The best part about it is that this means you get to have so many choices available to you when you’re shopping for a bedroom set or even a single piece to add to your room. You can even mix and match with ease. You should be sure to consider the following options before you make you next purchase in bedroom furniture – you just might find out about a choice you didn’t realize was available that could change the look of your whole room.


Maple Wood


If you’re looking for options in lovingly handmade maple bedroom furniture for your home, then there are a range of options available. Our Riverdale Bedroom Collection, for example, is available in both regular Maple and Wormy Maple. This set blends highlights exposed metal with a minimalist design to perfectly suit contemporary modernist tastes.


Custom Designs


Whether you’re looking for bedroom sets in solid oak, pine, maple, & cherry to match your current décor, you can choose the variety of wood you want, along with a particular stain and texture, for almost any item we offer. When you order a custom made piece of solid wood furniture, you get to have a one-of-a-kind item for your home. For many, this ability to own an absolutely unique piece of furniture is the best part.


The Option of Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood doesn’t just provide you with an original style to add to your home, it’s also an ecologically friendly choice.  Canadian sourced reclaimed wood that has been repurposed for bedroom furniture looks stunning. Just imagine how wonderful you’ll feel every morning waking up to an elegant bedroom set that has been made out of solid, handcrafted reclaimed wood.


Handcrafted Wood Furniture Suits Any Bedroom


The main reason that our bedrooms are so adaptable when it comes to style is that solid wood furniture looks amazing anywhere you put it. When furniture is well-made, it shows. Part of the draw of solid wood furniture is that the material itself blends in well with a variety of surroundings, but another part is that it is easy to appreciate the look of quality-made items.

When you order a solid wood bedroom set, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that it will last you a lifetime and can even be passed on to future generations. Unlike other items you might buy, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your furniture will always be appreciated – it’s that well made. Take a look at some of the other designs that we have on offer to get a better sense of how great a new solid wood bedroom set will look in your home.