Wood Furniture Essentials for Small Living Spaces

February 8th, 2024 Blog

pale wood bed and bedside table in chic room

With the cost of housing and living essentials rising quickly, more people live in smaller spaces than they used to. Whether you live in downtown or the suburbs, housing costs are rising, as are the rates to borrow from the bank.

The good news is that you can live well in a smaller physical space. Solid wood furniture doesn’t need much room to bring its beauty and gravitas to bear. Let’s check out a few wood furniture essentials that will elevate small living spaces.

Console Tables

Some smaller sections of the home, like the space near the front door, need for furniture, but not much fits there. Enter the console table! These slim, narrow tables are the perfect place to put your keys, outwear accessories, and other things you take with you when you leave the home.

Console tables can also be placed in almost any room of your home. For example, if there’s open space behind the couch, the couch and other living room furniture may feel like it’s floating. Putting a long, thin table there, perhaps with some framed photos or other personal décor touches, will make it feel grounded.

Console tables come in a range of beautiful colours and styles. Get thin, airy metal legs for an industrial feel or chunkier wood legs for a classic, rustic look.


Few pieces of furniture can elevate a space as quickly as bookshelves. The books themselves provide people comfort, and, of course, people can display things other than books on their shelves. But the bookshelves’ style makes a huge statement.

When it comes to custom wood furniture, there are almost as many options for bookshelves as there are for books. An arched, two-toned, glass-doored bookshelf will add refinement to any living space, no matter how small.

Even the tiniest homes need spaces to store and display cherished items. Don’t squander what space you have by filling it with cheaply built furniture that will fall apart after a few years and won’t stand up well to daily wear and tear. That type of furniture may look great in the ad, but the plywood veneer and the imitation wood behind it won’t last in real living conditions.

Solid wood bookshelves come in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits into awkward corners or spaces that people with small homes need to utilize for maximum efficiency. It may sound counterintuitive, but large shelves can be extremely functional and make small rooms feel bigger since they store a lot and bring so much presence.

Coffee Tables

The furniture that complements living room chairs and couches makes a big statement and plays a large role. It has to be practical enough to store books and other display items without being too large or imposing.

Coffee tables can function as accents if your other furniture is staid or a bit plain. A classic-looking coffee table can add a refined touch to the space.

Those in smaller homes may opt for a coffee table with a second surface on which to store things or drawers. Thin metal legs on a coffee table made of paler wood may be better than a dark one with hefty wooden legs since its smaller presence will make the room feel bigger and less congested.

Ultimately, the coffee table’s quality has nothing to do with its footprint or the space it feels like it takes up. Low-quality coffee tables may be small and practical enough to fit the room, but they’ll fall apart sooner. However, getting a custom coffee table allows you to pick one that fits into a smaller space, which may be crucial if you have real space restrictions.

Wooden Beds

Before buying a bed, consider the maxim, “Spend your money where you spend your time.” Health professionals recommend people get about eight hours of sleep a night, or roughly one-third of every day. It makes sense, then, to invest in a bed that you’ll really enjoy for years to come.

Solid wood beds come in many styles, colours, and shapes. Getting pine wood furniture for the bedroom can be a deft touch, as its pale look and sleek design give a modern, minimalist look. Those with smaller bedrooms may appreciate a hardwood bed with storage underneath to use the space more efficiently.

A solid wood poster bed is a great way to make the bed have a larger presence without really taking up space you’d otherwise use. There are a variety of options when it comes to solid wooden beds. Choose whichever one best fits your style, budget, and the specific space in your bedroom.

Restore it Yourself

The next best thing to buying a beautiful, brand new piece of solid wood furniture is restoring an old one you find! Look at the antique or vintage markets or even the side of the road. Upcycling lets you repurpose old furniture and give it new life.

You can restain your new furniture to match the tone of your floor or furniture you already have. If you’re not very into sanding, staining, or painting, changing its hardware is an excellent way to refresh the furniture and make it feel newer.

Restoring furniture is a fun activity that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Woodcraft is proud to build all our furniture by hand here in Canada, as we contribute to the local economy in an environmentally friendly way. But reusing old furniture is the Greenest way to furnish a home. However, if the piece you find by the roadway is built cheaply, it’s not likely to provide a very long second life.

Choosing solid wood furniture is excellent because, even if it costs more upfront, you’re getting what you pay for. Nobody wants to repurchase furniture because the items they bought years ago faded, and the material is too cheap to restore or fix properly. Even as housing costs rise and the size of homes shrinks, you’ll be glad you invested in solid wood furniture years from now.