Wood Furniture Helps New Homeowners Start Off On The Right Foot

September 29th, 2017 Blog

Picture this: the ink has just dried on the mortgage agreement, and you roll up to your new house, proud and ready to make it your own. As you look around at the empty rooms, each a blank canvas, you begin to imagine all the many possibilities this house holds – that room will be our bedroom, and this room will be our living room; that room will be painted eggshell, while this room will get more of a blue treatment. What you need to consider next is the furniture, the centrepieces around which all the action happens, like the tables, chairs and beds.

You can look at it a couple different ways. There’s always the possibility you’re going to have existing furniture, but, with the new amount of free space, perhaps that furniture either doesn’t make sense or just seems… inadequate. There’s also the possibility that you’re coming in fresh, that you’ve bought your first house and are ready to design its interior from scratch. Either way, you’re going to need more furniture, and as the homeowners here at Woodcraft will tell you, solid wood furniture really is the smartest investment.

Buying wood that’s been handcrafted from Canadian lumber and designed by artisans who imbue each piece they make with precision and uniqueness gives you a product that will appreciate over time. That’s one of the advantages of handcrafted wood: you can buy a piece now, use it your entire life and it will have gone up in value – now, if only cars could do the same! When you buy a rickety piece of furniture from a large company, you get what you pay for, which is a few years use and then the trash compactor.

And then there’s aesthetics to take into account. You’ve just made the biggest purchase of your life, buying this wonderful house; you need to do it the service of giving it a little character. Bring a bit of the outdoors inside with our live edge table or live edge dresser, which incorporate the natural edge of the wood into the piece’s design, giving the pieces a unique, woodsy charm. Or for a more polished look, take a peak at our Ottawa Valley Coffee Table or Ottawa Valley Double Dresser, both featuring a restrained, elegant trim that would look awesome alongside some vintage lamps or clocks.

So, we’ve got a good investment that’ll last a long time and look great, but will it look good with your existing furniture? Let’s take the dining room as an example: you want a wood table that can be a statement but not stick out like a sore thumb. Our Chrome X and Modern X-Base dining tables capitalize of a simple, minimalist design that pairs with pretty much everything, and, in the bedroom, our classic Brent Panel Bed’s low footboard and customizable stain allow it to blend into the décor. For a sleek, contemporary look that won’t overpower your dining room, we’ve got the Sterling Sideboard, which we absolute love (maybe we’re a bit bias, but we think you’ll love it too), which, as an added bonus, comes with a lot of storage space, making it both stylish and functional. Since we handcraft everything, you can customize the size on the Sterling Sideboard as well, allowing it to fit your space.

There’s also just something awesome about wood furniture that’s tough to describe – it has more soul than plastic or metal, and solid Canadian lumber especially has this sturdy quality, like you know you’re looking at a well-built piece of furniture. We’re as proud of the furniture we make as we were proud of the first homes we bought, and that’s saying a lot. Let wood furniture make your new home a unique, solid expression of your good taste – it’s an investment as solid as the wood itself.