Wood Furniture In The Modern Office

July 24th, 2017 Blog

The Woodcraft team of master woodworkers and craftspeople is probably best known for designs we make for the home. In addition to a wood bedroom set, dining table, bookcase, or cabinet, you can also get custom-designed office furniture from us. We specialize in solid wood furniture of all types – if it’s made out of wood, we can make it and we make it to last.

Wood furniture doesn’t have to look traditional or antique-y; at Woodcraft, some of our favourite designs are contemporary and sleek. From long wooden tables that serve as co-working spaces in open concept offices to individual X-base desks, we have no shortage of contemporary designs that will fit in a modern office space. We also regularly work with clients who want custom wood furniture made; from bookcases to desks to conference tables, we can make something that will make your office truly memorable for your clients and a creative space for your employees to work.

Studies have shown that wood in a room has both physiological and psychological benefits, whether it’s in the home or in the office. Two out of three office workers expressed a preference for wood office furniture, including chairs and desks, to plastic furniture. There is also evidence now that suggests wood in your environment can lower your blood pressure and heart rate by reducing stress and calming anxiety. The modern office can be a fast-paced, demanding environment. Over-stressed workers are proven to be less productive, and that hurts your bottom line. It’s worth investing in the environment you create in your workplace, not just through employee relations, but the physical environment as well.

Wood creates a warm and comfortable environment that puts stressed office workers at ease, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. Workplace productivity improves with comfortable conditions – you don’t have to go to the excesses of Silicon Valley to make your employees feel comfortable in the office, but better design decisions can make a big difference in your business. Wood can even moderate humidity, improving the air quality of the room.

We build wood furniture by hand that’s custom-made for our clients and built to last. When you buy solid wood furniture from us, it will last for decades. Too many companies buy plastic, cheap furniture that quickly falls apart and they regularly have to replace it. Wood is a smarter investment that will reduce your expenses in the long run.

If you’re still not convinced about the psychological and creative impact wood can have in a contemporary office setting, look no further than the Galleria Italia of Frank Gehry’s AGO redesign. A long, airy hallway that looks down at busy Dundas Street in Toronto is lined with wood; the effect is a tranquility that inspires creativity. Wood creates an inspiring environment when paired with natural light and contemporary spaces, including the modern office. Consider asking us at Woodcraft about custom wood office furniture that can add peace and creativity to your workplace.