Wood Furniture Trends to Look Out for In the New Year

December 13th, 2023 Blog

wooden hutch in a darkly lit room

Wood is one of the oldest materials for building homes and making furniture. People have been at it for a long, long time, but thankfully, there are always new trends and possibilities for wood furniture.

Wood furniture is perfect for delivering a timeless, classic look. But let’s look at some of the latest Woodcraft styles and appreciate the modern updates as we head into the new year.

Reclaimed Furniture

Contemporary culture is fixated on being environmentally friendly and efficient, so the mass appeal of reclaimed wood isn’t surprising. Reclaimed wood refers to taking wood used for old buildings and structures and using it for another purpose, in this case, to make furniture.

Reclaimed wood has a story, a feel, and a life to it because it did, in fact, have a past. You can feel the presence of history in our reclaimed wood dining sets, which are eco-friendly and beautiful.

Reclaimed wood is distinct from salvaged wood, which refers to new wood harvested as a byproduct from another process. To illustrate the difference, repurposing old furniture or wood may involve taking wood used to build a chair or a farm and repurposing it to build part of a home or a different piece of furniture. In contrast, salvaged wood may involve cutting down orchard or nut trees that have produced for a certain number of years and using this new wood for furniture instead of wood chips.

The character on reclaimed wooden furniture adds a dimension to the piece that’s hard to replicate any other way. Every piece of wood is unique, but there are also lots of style choices available. Enjoy a coffee table with a base of powder-coated metal, round kitchen tables, or modern dining tables, all made from beautiful, reclaimed wood.

Blue Magic Tables

Wood is a gorgeous substance to behold, but a touch of flair never hurt anybody. Today’s tables from wood furniture specialists incorporate other materials, like a “magic” blue inlay, to add a magical touch.

The wood from the salvaged maple tables isn’t completely flat, which is what provides the space for the “magic blue” resin inlay. The beloved songwriter Leonard Cohen wrote, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

When it comes to the blue magic tables, the blue resin looks like a winding river with an irregular shoreline because the cracks or “imperfections” in each piece of wood are singular and totally unique. There are many beautiful wood furniture styles from the past, but none of them are as sleek and colourful as the river inlay.

Avoca Tables and Illusions of Symmetry

Manipulating people’s innate inner craving for balance and symmetry has been a feature of architecture since ancient Greek temples were adorned with even numbers of Corinthian, Doric, and Ionic columns. Today, the bases of our gorgeous Avoca tables play with this concept by creating illusions of symmetry. Here’s how they work.

The wooden base of the table will look symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on your vantage point or where you’re standing. From one angle, they look like identical twins, while from another, they look playfully staggered. To be sure, each leg of the base is different from the other, but playing with people’s perception adds some surprising character to what at first glance looks like a traditional table.

The secret under the table’s surface brings some levity and fun to what looks stoic and classic on top. You don’t even need to say anything to your guests about it, and you can watch their faces and see if they notice. Whether the legs strike up a conversation or go unnoticed for now, it’s something you’ll privately think about whenever guests come over.

Crisp Poster Beds

The expression “spend your money where you spend your time” explains why people invest in their mattresses and bedframes. If the human body needs about eight hours of sleep a night, we spend roughly a third of our life in bed — ensuring we enjoy this space makes sense!

A poster bed is a classic, rich piece of furniture. You’ll even see royalty and nobles using them in real life or in movies. Today’s crisp lines and light colours on our Kensington Poster Beds give an understated appeal while also maintaining an air of grandeur.

four poster bed of wood

Furniture is never just a practical thing. Yes, your bed is a place where you rest at night, and it needs to be structurally sound so it’s supportive. But our Kensington Poster Bed goes beyond that. Its large physical presence brings gravitas and heft to where you rest and recharge, even if it looks sleek and slick.

This bed was designed for maximum effect even while having a minimalist approach. It’s a delicate balance, but once you see them in person, you’ll agree that we pulled it off.

Custom Pieces

Following the general trends and fashions can be great, but sometimes, you need to forge your own path and get something a little more singular. Do you need a dazzling piece of furniture you don’t see in our standard collection?

Be sure to check out our “Custom” tab, as Woodcraft is proud to create a few one-off pieces that exist outside our ordinary collections. You’ll find some highly original pieces you can’t get anywhere else, like our Hallway Table with a set of drawers on it, our Colosseum Console table, whose legs make it look something like a Roman aqueduct, and more.

Of course, if you choose a piece of furniture from these collections, you can also have considerable control over its size, colour, and other variables.

Wood furniture has always been a staple of households because it’s so beautiful and durable. The lifespan of wood furniture helps add practicality to gorgeous aesthetics, two things which rarely come together so naturally, but that’s the power of wood! Wood furniture can be timeless, and that’s always in style. But new technologies and sensibilities have created new possibilities, like tables that appear to have rivers coursing through them and bases that play games with the eye. Consider getting a fashionable piece of Woodcraft furniture that will never go out of style.