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The 5 Desk Personality Types

Everyone has their own way of organizing their desk, but did you know that the way you do says a lot of about the type of personality you have, as well as how you work? It doesn’t mean you should try to hide who you are at work or in your home office – quite the opposite, different personality types will work better when their environment is better suited to their preferences. Below are five of the most common “desk personality types,” along with their preferences and how they work well. Find out which one you are and stop fighting your desk habits.


This one should be self-explanatory, but clutter seems to be the way that extroverts operate. The Telegraph describes clutterers as office socialites, always ready to stop and chat with their colleagues. Clutter can speak to a creative way of problem-solving; sometimes the answer lies in distraction, or a long-forgotten thought buried under that pile of papers.


Creatives, artists, whatever you call them, they like harmonious workspaces, lots of light, and big desks where they can get to work without having to worry about finding out where to put everything. Lots of drawer space and even secondary work surfaces can help you expand comfortably if you’re a creative.

The Executive

Whether the job title matches the behaviour or not, executives love big, bold, powerful desks and enjoy it when their work spaces becoming meeting hubs. Powerful colours like ebony will give you a sense of authority and purpose at your desk and solid wood is a great material to create a sense of confidence.


If you were the child who took apart the clock to figure out how it worked, you may be a mechanic, and that means that you like your work space to be dynamic. Multiple work stations and a workspace less bound by typical rules create a movement and variety that allows the mechanic to thrive. In an office setting, combining shared and private space works well, while at home, a desk for everyday tasks can be offset by a drafting table for focused work.


Cleanliness and organization is crucial for the minimalist and they may prefer something like our X-base desk, long and spacious with little ornamentation, plenty of room underneath and minimal drawer space. Drawers are just a temptation to clutter, hiding disorganized papers away. While they may be out of sight, for the true minimalist, it’s never out of mind.

If you’re thinking about remaking your home office, take a look at Woodcraft’s solid wood desks and office collections. It doesn’t matter how you like to organize your workspace, a solid wood desk built to fit your office, made out of the material and colours you want will go a long way toward improving your productivity. In addition to a variety of executive-style desks, we also offer designs like our country student desk or the New Yorker, which you can see at any Woodcraft showroom. They’re smaller and easier to move, but all solidly made at our workshop in Markham. At Woodcraft, we also make gorgeous bookcases out of oak, pine, maple, and even vintage cherry for your office or library, perfect for professionals and book lovers alike. Stop by or check out our collection of desks for ideas for your office.

Tips For Hosting Easter Dinner

Hosting the whole family and cooking a great big dinner on Easter Sunday is a tradition for many families. After the kids have found all the chocolate bunnies and dyed eggs in pinks, blues, and purples, you have to start working on a monumental feast. Whether it’s glazed ham or braised lamb in your family, there’s plenty of work to do and plenty of things to worry about. When you invite your guests to join you around your dining room table, follow some of these tips to make your life easier for the upcoming holiday.

#1 Seating Plan

Once you’ve got all your RSVPs back, it’s time to make a seating plan at your dining table. If it’s a small gathering, you can probably get away with a “seat yourself” policy, but you can smooth over any awkward moments or incompatible pairings by planning where to seat everyone and using cards (perhaps with a chocolate attached) to let everyone know where they should pull up a seat.

#2 Wine and Beverages

Make sure you have enough wine and non-alcoholic beverages for everyone; always start by offering someone a drink and ask everyone whether they prefer red or white with dinner. Give people the option, but also make sure you pair with the meal: a rich Cabernet Sauvignon will go well with lamb, Pinot Noir with glazed ham, and a Muscat pairs excellently with a lemon meringue dessert.

#3 The Meal

The meal itself can be a big source of stress, especially if you’ve only recently taken over hosting your family’s traditional Easter Sunday. If you just can’t get the hang of your mother’s traditional glazed ham, try out a new recipe; racks of lamb, braised lamb, poached salmon, and even chicken can all be great alternatives to ham. Save yourself some effort by asking guests to handle side dishes, especially anything that’s easy to warm up just before the main dish is ready.

#4 The Table

Last, but not least, make sure you’ve got enough room at the table for all of your guests. It can be easy to forget between the holidays how a family grows, as your children find partners and start having children of their own, and before you know it, you’ve far outgrown your dining table. At Woodcraft, we can build any of our dining table designs to size, so you can pick the design you love and make sure it seats your whole family. Whether you’re seating a family of four or a family of twelve, our team at Woodcraft can make the table that will fit your holidays. Besides getting the right size for your dining room and your growing family, you also get to decide the finish and wood we use, choosing from oak, pine, maple, wormy maple, and vintage cherry. Buying a custom dining table from Woodcraft now also means you can take advantage of our winter sale, with 20% off all dining tables and an extra 5% off all tables made in vintage cherry. Get ready for Easter Sunday by browsing our catalogue and finding the one that’s right for you.

Your Wood Furniture Buying Guide

When it’s time to bring some new life into your home with new furniture, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into. If you’re craving the warmth and style of wood, going custom is a great way to get exactly what you want and a piece that will last for decades, which means significant savings down the road compared to ready-made purchases. These are some of the things you should know about custom furniture before you take the plunge.

Type of Wood

Before you decide, it’s important to understand the different qualities of wood used by a manufacturer and whether or not they will meet your needs. At Woodcraft, we commonly use oak, maple, pine, and vintage cherry on our pieces, each of which has its own special qualities that make it better suited to different purposes.

Oak: A strong material, oak will last for the duration, whatever job it fulfills, making it especially great for high-use pieces like dining tables and chairs.

Maple: Usually a creamy off-white in colour, maple is an excellent and strong hardwood (strong enough to be a common feature of baseball bats, including the one used by Barry Bonds). For those who want more colour and pattern, wormy maple is streaked with knots and veins caused by boring beetles.

Pine: A softer material, you wouldn’t want to turn pine into a chopping block, but it does not shrink or swell as much as other materials as the temperature changes.

Vintage Cherry: As cherry ages, its colour changes, reaching a darker, deeper brown or red over the years to create an enviable complexity. At Woodcraft, we use vintage cherry that has already darkened, so you know whether or not will fit with your home decor.


Before you buy anything, you should ask about how the piece was constructed and what kind of joints the craftsmen used. Look for pieces that were constructed using either dowel joints or mortise-and-tenon joints as these are more stable and secure than buttered or mitered alternatives. As far as chair legs go, joints should be squared off with diagonal blocks to prevent the chair from shifting when weight and pressure are applied.


Many big box furniture stores recoup the costs of big discounts when it comes to delivery since many customers treat it as an afterthought. Don’t neglect it: once you’ve bought something like a sofa or a long dining table, you’re going to have to get it home somehow. Our delivery service is reasonably priced in addition to being guaranteed and insured, so you do not have to worry about anything if it’s damaged during the delivery. It includes setup, placement, and clean up, although you can also economize with warehouse pickup or curbside delivery. We deliver across Toronto 6 days a week, but we also ship across Ontario, Canada, and internationally.


Great wood furniture takes time because it’s made-to-order, using the materials, stains, and dimensions you want, and built to last with solid joints: generally, we take about 8 weeks for most custom orders at Woodcraft. Keep in mind that the furniture you buy from us will last for decades, even generations, and we make it worth the wait.