Solid, Uniquely Designed Wood Furniture is setting new Trends

July 25th, 2016 General

Here at Woodcraft, we believe that the experience of buying a piece of well-designed furniture from a qualified craftsman can be likened to a foodie looking for a good meal prepared from locally grown ingredients — in short, it is more than a purchase; it is a lifestyle choice. Working with a craftsman is a different experience than buying from a big box retailer. The client is treated as a unique person with individual desires instead of being identified by a credit card number. Similarly, the furniture manufacturer is a tangible contact with which the customer can interact easily. Thus, customers can gain a better understanding of the furniture manufacturing process. Quality and durability move to the forefront of decision making and affect how the other elements of the home are selected beyond the choice of furniture. Over time this results in a redefinition of the word “value,” as value becomes a function of equitable remuneration for a well-designed object. There are advantages of buying local, handcrafted furniture that often go underappreciated.

There is a boost to the local economy, which is helpful to both the client and the craftsman. Local manufacturing is important because it helps to define a regional aesthetic, which can be embraced by other clients, and other businesses, creating a regional cultural identity. Additionally, by commissioning custom furniture, the client also invests in a piece of furniture that functions as a cherished object, which probably will become a valuable piece inherited by future generations.

In a world where efficiency is often measured only by the bottom line — which usually means the use of machinery to mass produce — the loss of time-honored, craft-specific knowledge is slowly eroding cultural output. Fortunately, the reignited emphasis on the revival of trade and crafts professions has become a priority in North American culture.

When you buy custom-designed wood furniture from Woodcraft, you make an investment in a product that will last a lifetime. Consider these benefits of customized wood furniture:

It saves you money

By spending more money today the purchase of high quality, solid wood furniture, you will actually save money. Indeed, you will not buy replacement furniture in 5-10 years, then another 5-10 years later. Solid wood furniture is an investment whose dividends will pay off for decades if not generations.

It can withstand a lifetime of wear and tear

Most cheap or discount furniture is made from low quality wood — or worse particleboard — which is not built to last. Solid wood furniture pieces will be able to withstand a lifetime of wear and tear, without negative side effects — you can even customize further down the line with Woodcraft’s custom refinishing services.

Wooden furniture is an eco-friendly choice

There are several reasons why the purchase of solid wood furniture is better for our planet. Because high-quality furniture is built for the long term, your dining table or armoire won’t end up in the landfill. Better still, solid wood furniture can be reassigned or recycled into a new piece if you ever decide you are through with it.

All of Woodcraft’s solid wood furniture is made in our Markham workshop and handmade or manufactured by local artisans, which means that you are supporting your local community and reducing the fossil fuel that would otherwise be required to ship or transport furniture from outside your local area.

If you think it’s time to replace that old, factory-made furniture with an accent piece that will last a lifetime, give us a call or better yet pop into one of our showrooms to see why custom wood furniture is all the rave. We look forward to introducing you to this brave new world.