Well crafted, solid wood furniture can easily last for generations with proper care, but even the best finish will suffer from wear and tear created by growing families – day after day, year after year, decade after decade. Luckily, the Woodcraft Refinishing Service can bring new life and beauty to a finish that is showing its age – and you’ll save up to 65%of the cost of purchasing new furniture.

Better than a face lift

Scratches, surface gouges and a variety of finish discolourations which accumulate on furniture over time are minimized or eliminated in the Woodcraft refinishing process. Even loose joints and most minor repairs can be remedied by our expert staff. Give your lived-in furniture a chance to start over.

Restoration of a family heirloom or antique

At Woodcraft, we’ve been creating fine furniture for over 35 years, so we’re familiar with traditional fine furniture construction and finishing techniques. That means we’re comfortable working with antiques or family heirlooms. Our experienced craftspeople and finishers can restore your well-loved piece to all its former glory.

Updating a tired look

An older original finish can sometimes make furniture look outdated when the rest of a room is redecorated. A choice of new Woodcraft finishes, including solid colours and custom paint finishes can bring an older piece up to date and into sync with the rest of your decor. A decades-old dining set or other fine furniture you’ve loved for years can be restained in a modern colour to suit contemporary styles. Rattan and wicker can be refinished in a new paint, stain or glaze to “renew” it.

Send us an email with photos and dimensions of the furniture you’d like refinished, and we’ll send you an approximate quote.

Or call to arrange to have your furniture picked up, or bring it in to the Woodcraft Workshop & Showroom at 370 Denison St. E. in Markham for a complete estimate. An estimate can be done in your home for a small charge.

CALL 905-475-2488 OR EMAIL

We’ll discuss what’s possible for your piece, we’ll make a decision, we’ll work our refinishing magic and we’ll return it to you with a new infusion of style and completely revitalized.

Refinished by hand

At Woodcraft, old finish “stripping” is done by hand, not dipped and soaked in tanks, so joints and glue are not loosened, wood is not dried out and veneers are not destroyed.

We’re not able to repair damaged veneers, but most surface damage can be eliminated in the refinishing process. Joints can be tightened and reglued if required.

Keeping a piece of history

Some furniture wear-and-tear tells a story. You don’t necessarily have to give up the scratches or marks that recount a bit of family history when your furniture is Woodcraft.

Contrasting the top

Flat solid wood surfaces, like table tops, can often be sanded down to bare wood which is suitable for any natural wood stain. The table base or legs can then be paint finished or rubbed for a contrasting look.

Darker to lighter

Furniture originally finished in a dark colour should generally be refinished in a dark colour, but to achieve a lighter shade we sometimes are able to use a colour like our “Butternut”. This stain colour has a number of shades of dark and light, and will lighten the look of a previously dark piece of furniture.